It is comprised of such a complex combination of genomes with so many variations and mutations, we have no idea what it is. And while each one of us is trying to study it, there are some countries who, out of no where, have developed, tested, conducted trials and also started mass production of vaccines to cure Covid-19.

While you read all that stuff on the internet and everything about a potential vaccine, remember this; THERE IS NO VACCINE! There will be no vaccine for over 2 years, give or take. There is no way to develop a vaccine that can be used to treat every Covid-19 patient all across the globe.

There might be a vaccine developed. In fact, tens or hundreds of them. But because of the genetic level mutations and the fact the Covid-19 affects every person differently, one particular vaccine won’t treat everyone. For that to be done, we’ll have to still research a lot more. Even then, there is a chance that there would never be a potential vaccine that is capable of treating everyone.

Given the fact how Covid-19 has been reported to be cured using various drugs, we might have to create a complex combination of drugs and then test it for months to be sure that it there are no adverse affects.

So far, Covid-19 has proved to be very adaptable. Adapting to a particular person’s body and immune system and attacking every individual in a unique way. That is not something we have seen.

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