I have seen you in the sunset And felt you in the sunrise I have seen tears roll down your cheeks And felt your captivating smiles Oh Sadah! I have […]

I Need You

Never once in all these years have I ever had a feeling of wanting you or desiring you. It was always a need; a necessity. I need you in the […]

The Wait!

I have thrown myself into the burning coal I have lost myself in the quest to find you I have stood here all alone Wishing each day to be with […]


I watched you walk away With you, I felt my soul leave too Drenched in the epiphany of your severance On the corners of my moist eyes I felt the […]

One Day

I know it seems like I am stone-walling you and like I am not interested in talking to you at all. But believe me, there is nothing else I want […]