Infinite Existence

Yesterday I put forward the theory of “Indefinite Existence“. The theory proposing an existence, between and beyond observational Space and Time.

Today, I’ll try to take it a step further.

The theory of “Infinite Existence”!

An existence beyond the set parameters of Space and Time. A simultaneous existence at multiple times and multiple points in space. In simpler terms, one molecule, scattered across the Spacetime, existing independently at every single point, all across time.

One object, existing not between and beyond Space and Time but throughout the continuum.

This theory is based on the Uncertainty Principle of Quantum Mechanics.

The idea is, when we are traveling across Space and Time, we can either know our speed or our position. Further, if we take into consideration ‘The Statistical Interpretation’, one might reach a state of paradox which may suggest that either we can never measure both, speed and position of a given object, or the position we measure at a given speed is just a result of our urge to know which leads us to compel the position of a particle or object at a certain speed.

On sub-atomic levels or quantum level, the particles traveling at the speed of light would exist all across the universe making them infinite in nature.

In the same way, on higher levels or in higher dimensions, anything traveling so fast may even be capable of distorting and folding Space and Time. Such an action would lead a particle to travel great distances in extremely short periods of time. The particle would have then traveled a certain distance through the folded or distorted space and while doing so, might have existed throughout Space and Time with no definite position or any measurable time.

In a 2 dimensional or 3 dimensional Universe, it won’t be plausible. But if we were to consider the Universe to be a Quantum Realm or a place with 11 dimensions, it might just be.

Or even so, just to make it simpler to understand, consider this:

There is a 10,000 mile sheet of paper. Point A lies on the extreme left and Point B on the extreme right. If you were to travel at 100 miles an hour from A to B, it would take you 100 hours to reach your destination. Traveling on a 2 dimensional plane would require you to travel in linear motion from A to B. If it were a 3-Dimensional structure, you might have been able to travel the other way around and shorten the distance of 10,000 miles to hardly 5 or 10 miles.

But what if the structure were 3-Dimensional and you had to travel from point A to point B, both of them lying on the opposite side of cube. If you had to travel in a straight line, it would take 100 hours at 100 miles an hour to cover 10,000 miles. But what if you could simply fold the 3 dimensional structure such that Point A lies exactly over point B? You could then simply travel through the structure instead of traveling across.

For example; what if you could fold Earth in any way you wanted? You might be able to enter through a point in, say Australia, and exit at a point in, say California. Your journey would last merely a few seconds.

In the same way, if we could fold Space-Time and travel at high speeds, we might be able to travel through dimensions and Time. For an instance, one might exist infinitely in a way that at such high speeds if one could travel a distance of 1000 light-years in a nanosecond, one would create infinite number of Event Horizons along the way and create numerous self-disappearing time remnants, each lasting for as long as 5.4 * 10-35 nanoseconds.

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  1. Just to clarify, is this for a purpose? Or just a theoretical recognition of inter dimensional travel and existence?
    Interesting post.


    • If we did bend space and therefore its time/space location, wouldn’t that present the possible problem of moving in and out of dimensions, while traveling and reaching the point A or B location?


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