Indefinite Existence

The Universe is a fascinating place. In its true form, the only thing that keeps us from realizing and understanding its nature are the limits we have set for ourselves.

Our idea of existence is linear. According to our perception of the Universe and the way we accept it, we choose to believe that we exist in the observational 3 dimensional Space-Time, where space keeps changing and expanding, while time keeps moving forward while its each point in the future stays in a flux.

According to our current understanding of the observational Universe, we assume that we have a “Definite Existence”.

In simpler terms, we believe, we are exactly and only at the one single place where we physically are at any given moment.

But what if that were not true?

The idea of “Indefinite Existence” would suggest that we exist throughout space and time indefinitely, while only understanding the moment that is happening in our perceivable reality.

Consider being between dimensions while occupying any certain area of observational space.

When you are at point A in the observational space, theoretically, you also exist at numerous points between and across multiple dimensions.

So, in that scenario, what if you were to die at your observational point?

If you cease to exist at your observational point, you simply do cease to exist. But theoretically, you may still continue to exist between and beyond the perceivable Space and Time.

One may consider it as existing at a higher level of consciousness. But scientifically, it is simply a higher dimensional existence.

It’s not an afterlife or life beyond death. Nothing so fancy. Once you die, your body simply turns back to energy. There is no soul, nothing! But your existence in higher dimensions remains unaffected by the events in the observational Space and Time.

You don’t exist anymore, but still, you do. It is simply “Indefinite Existence”!

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  1. You say “the only thing that keeps us from realizing and understanding its nature are the limits we have set for ourselves.”
    Not true. Biologically we are visually limited to a limited range of wavelengths, and brains that are evolved to hunt and picki berries. We do out best, though, what with modern instruments, and with some careful thinking, to see pretty far out into space and time.


  2. Many people are dying because of a complete loss of a (mysterious) life energy. How about that? Where is the energy dissipating to?
    Dr Kaahsh’s statement does not contradict the universal laws of thermodynamic, I think… The life energy does not disappear upon physical death, but still exists in some new form/ structure/ shape… According to some research and ( rather obscure) studies consciousness is immortal. People are dying, but their thoughts live forever.


  3. Interesting. I do believe that when our physical existence ends, our energy remains, albeit in another form that is unrecognizable by most. Carbon, under immense pressure will eventually render a diamond which would be unrecognizable to the t


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