Depression – A State of Mind

At the moment, based on numerous talks with people suffering, and claiming to be suffering from Depression, I have come to a conclusion that it has become less of a mental health disorder and more of “A State of Mind”.

People claiming to be suffering from depression tend to blame it all on their parents, siblings, the situations and circumstances they went through and anything and everything else they can point.

But I do not see how that is the right thing to do.

Everyone goes through good times and bad times. Almost everyone faces hardships and in their life; there are times when making a decision under particular circumstances is beyond apprehension. But what we do in that situation is something that makes us what we end up being.

You can either live a life based entirely on emotions and end up being in a state of mind where everything would start appearing depressed and gloomy with no way out. Or you can learn to control and master your emotions and work along based on logic and make decisions and choices that would help you build a better life.

I am not saying that emotions are useless. Nothing a human being is capable of, is useless. But everything a human being is capable of can render one useless if it exists in excessive quantities.

A certain controlled amount of alcohol consumption regularly can be good for your health. But when you start consuming the same alcohol in large quantities, it leads to problems.

Same is the case with emotions. Just like excessive alcohol leads you to make rash and stupid decisions, excessive emotions do the same.

If you feel the emotions, it is good. But it is important to learn how to control those emotions.

Emotions are an important part of humans but not the only part. Emotions are a primitive response to any situation. As the anatomy of brain suggests, Emotions originate in the primitive portion of brain, the Amygdala.

For more reasons than one, it is necessary for humans to learn to control their emotions in order to keep evolving.

Depression is certainly a mental health disorder. But in these times, it has become more of “A State of Mind”. An excuse for some to run away from reality.

And all of it is based on one simple issue – Excessive Emotions!

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  1. Prescient prophetic perspective proposing positive personal taking responsibility for excessive 😭 responses to life’s ups and downs! God always knows best, ya needed this! Now! I open my 📲 and 1st post This: Depression! Ya know I have no idea if ya suffer from as ya walks for 3 to 5 miles every other day. Ya think that by walking we get to kick ideas thoughts and ideas thus alleviating the diagnosis of depression which probably does affect ya. A state of mind as ya stated sounds like a great way for us to better understand the truth about ourselves! Thank ya for ya post! I loved it actually 🙏🐕♒️✅

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  2. Reactive depression can and often is caused or made worse by excessive emotions. However chronic depression is caused by an imbalance or lack of bio chemicals inside the brain that can only be treated effectively with medication.

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  3. Simply put, but not so simple. I don’t believe people battle depression, but a world that is depressing. As writers we can create worlds that suit us, yet even those worlds are infiltrated with doubts, pain, abuse and the like. I have no answer for this phenomenon. But as writers we feel this, sometimes more than others, even when we think all is well. We are all emotional beings and the feeling is expressed in a multitude of ways. Just not that simple. But a positive post.🤙


  4. True to a good extent. When the mind does not have anything else to focus on, then some people forcefully exaggerate their own emotions. Being overly-emotional is not a bad thing when one has reasons or has hormonal dysfunction, nor depression is forced when it is due to nutritional deficiency like vitamin B n D or when one has gone through painful or confusing events, but it is bad when one really feels like nothing else to do n just force emotions to high intensity for no reason n then keep on feeling depressed. And it cannot be said with certainty which kind of depression is forced by people, but relatively it’s acute depression that happens with intense emotions. Few people know how to get out of it, others do not know and some others do not want to get out of it because they run life on emotions only(or mostly).

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  5. “Nothing a human being is capable of, is useless. But everything a human being is capable of can render one useless if it exists in excessive quantities.” great quote and wonderful article 🙂

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  6. Hmmm….Interesting article. Well written but for me it’s missing the reality of support, understanding, and empathy.
    I agree that in todays world there are too many literally embracing crutch words like ‘social anxiety’ or ‘depressed’….but (there’s always a but isn’t there?)…if history teaches us anything we know that the brain and emotional stability is not an easy fix and the world is a different place than it was 25 years ago when I grew up.
    The knowledge and science is there for all to study, absorb, and try to comprehend but that doesn’t make it any easier to “control emotions”…
    A state of mind perhaps but not the entire answer.

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  7. As is with anything, reading from a different perspective opens up new realms of understanding. I think distilling depression down to “excessive emotion” may be entirely too one sided.

    Some people battle with PTSD, others with heavy emotional and/or physical abuse from the inception of their consciousness – these are things that can alter the psyche.

    That isn’t to say what you wrote could apply to some, however. There have been some people I’ve met who use depression as a catch-all for their problems. Interesting article nonetheless! 🙂

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  8. If you could control your emotions you wouldn’t have written this post, and if I could control my emotions I would not have replied to your post which is also based on lack of data, as everything in this world is based on lack of data.

    How sad that an accomplished educated in the field of psychology psychologist is so narrow minded? That truly baffles me. If that is what people are learning at tertiary education these days then life should just end.

    We don’t even understand how our brain works, and yet some glorified psychologist out there know everything. They are somehow able to (with lack of data) dismiss what a lot of data says about the mental illness depression that many people are faced with on a daily basis, comparing excessive alcohol consumption with depression… What a joke!

    I AM some writer, and I HAVE depression and IT WAS caused by everything horrible that happened to me as a child that I had no control over or the ability to control my emotions for that matter, and if my parents and siblings had anything to do with this I would blame them too. It is a fact that unpleasant happenings leads people to depression, some medication side effects leads to depression too, and to say that many people who “suffer” from depression are just being emotionally excessive, is true proof that education is becoming more useless by the day.

    I feel sorry for your patients and people you based this conclusion on, because according to what you wrote, they should not expect any help from you as you clearly are not taking them seriously, and that’s if (BIG IF) you are what you say you are.

    Your conclusions sounds like someone who woke up one day and realized they hated their career choice and now they are going through some mental rearranging, if so… Take time off, out of respect for your patients and see if this is what you should be doing with your time.

    You should be sympathetic and open minded, not trying to push a sick agenda to the unsuspecting public, you clearly have never been depressed, and you take your outdated and lack of data books too seriously. You want to know what life is like? Don’t read about it, LIVE IT! You cannot read and write tests and listen to depressed people to know depression, YOU HAVE TO BE DEPRESSED to even get the slightest of idea of what it is. I can’t even explain it to you well, and that must tell you something.

    And that control your emotions is just BS!

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  9. I do believe in some actually having mental conditions …

    However … I do also think many do not know how to control emotions.

    Sometimes there are certain situations that are so large, and the emotions so intense – people have a hard time controlling their emotions in those areas.

    You are right there is a sense of it being a state of mind. Mind over matter?

    Life is ups and downs – it never stays up and never stays down. Life is meant to be lived and it has many things to experience – good and bad

    I do think there is a breaking point of a person though – depending on what they go through and how much… Also unless they have a moment to collect themselves, a really good support system OR have a strong spirit… sometimes things can just break someone?

    It just depends on how much one person can handle, and who they are. How strong is their mental health?

    Good article 😊


  10. People are are too quick to claim depression / anxiety these days when most of the time its just a passing sentiment [i.e. event based], rather than a chronic condition / chemical imbalance. The kind that gets more real in your head the more you dwell on it – which then justifies your incapacitated state & creates room for further rumination. So important to make these distinctions,


  11. Jesus answered, “It is written: ‘Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.'”

    Agreed, we are not to live only by how we feel, we live by the truth of God’s Word. Think of all the people who live a lie based on how they feel instead of what is true.

    Example- I had a bad experience at the dentist when I was young, But I still fear the dentist now. That fear is no longer based in truth. Because I have a wonderful dentist now.


  12. This is a very interesting post, and full of some very good advice. And opinion and examples, for instance:

    I had a bad experience at the dentist when I was young, But I still fear the dentist now. That fear is no longer based in truth. Because I have a wonderful dentist now.

    Very very true. And that is called being open-minded, and evolving. 🙂

    There are many types of fears. Don’t we all, have, some, little or small?

    However, I beg to differ a bit from what you are saying above. While it is important to always keep an eye in the horizon, and to keep “walking”, in a way, it is also very important to talk and acknowledge (within oneself), as well as talk about, write and share information and support about depression, and other similar mental states with some others.

    This involves sharing and being open about it with others that you truly care about, or that truly care about you; as well as with other people that may have, are, or may in future be suffering from similar issues – through forums, blogs, or other support groups.

    Depression is not something only showcased by the weak hearted, or selfish, or people that do not manage their “timings” and life schedule well. OR people that are stuck in the past. Some of the strongest people I know (and in my view, strength correlates to positivity in many instances) have suffered from it at some point. Talking, about it, or acknowledging one is depressed, does NOT equate with being navel-gazing and stuck in the past, or selfish, or thinking you are the only one that suffers.

    Thanks for bringing up this very relevant topic up for discussion.

    And sure, moving on and seeking help is always possibly the healthiest way to go for all. Acknowledging the past too. As well as enjoying some moments of “hippie” flow.


  13. I don’t usually comment on posts I read, but I just had to comment on this, that I agree with some people who have replied to it. Your article makes it obvious that you have never suffered from depression yourself. Controlling emotions is what causes depression in the first place and, even though I can see that you are maybe making a point about people maybe being sad rather than depressed, the angle of your post is insulting to those people who have suffered from serious depression, and I FEEL that, if you are going to talk about depression, or even sadness, you should do so with more understanding. Like someone else who commented, it worries me for the people you are treating…


  14. It’s clear you have never suffered from depression yourself. I would hope, if you are treating people suffering from depression that you would recognise that ‘controlling of emotions’ actually plays a part in triggering depression. I can see that you have written this article, perhaps, just to highlight situations where people are ‘sad’ rather than depressed, but anyone who looks for help with their emotions, needs help ’emotionally’ not logically. To tell anyone in that position that they need to control their emotions is missing the point and is actually highly insulting.


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