Time Travel Problems

Time Travel! The one thing we all want to experience. I explained the possibility of Time Travel in my post, “Is Time Travel Possible?“.

And then, at a much later date, I explained the simplicity and solutions of “The Grandfather Paradox” which, for some reason, is considered to be an unsolvable Time Travel problem.
It is quite simple!

Some real Time Travel problems are far more complicated and possess the ability to change everything the way we know.

For example; Imagine, a certain nuclear bomb is supposed to go off in the year 2015. Now, you have traveled from the year 2070 to the exact moment when that bomb is to explode. According to our history, no such nuclear explosion event was ever recorded in 2015. Provided there are only 10 minutes left before the explosion and you are the only person who can diffuse the bomb, do you do it or not?

If you do, you will have interfered with the past. If you don’t, the result will be a global catastrophe which, according to the known history, isn’t supposed to happen. Thus, leading to a completely different history.

But there is also a question of different timelines. When you traveled back in time, it is imperative that you’ve had traveled to an alternate reality.

And it is also quite possible that just as you traveled back in time in your own timeline, someone else did the same. Now, that someone might have set off the nuclear bomb. In that case, if you don’t stop the bomb from exploding, you might let the other traveler interfere with the past and change the history altogether. In that case, you have to stop the explosion to create the history as it was meant to be.
This is called “Retrocausality” as explained in my earlier post “Future Alters The Past“.

But then, theoretically, according to the laws of time and space, it is also quite acceptable, that no matter what one does by traveling back in time, it won’t change every particular timeline.

If someone destroys everything by going back, he would come back to an alternate reality which would have the destroyed version of the world. But the reality he once left to change, would remain the same and that person would just get separated from his original timeline.

But then, if there are no alternate realities and timelines and parallel universes, any change made to history by traveling back in time would affect the world and the universe as we know and create chaos.

Also, given that time is a continuous infinite loop, the beginning of the end and the end of the beginning, everything, from the past, present and future, lying together on the same line, moving along simultaneously, with everything having already happened at one point or another in a particular manner, there is no way how one might be able to change what has already happened.
As I once explained in my post “Changing the Future“!

Doing that would simply lead to an alternate reality. A different timeline.

Time Travel is fascinating and intriguing. But it is also far too complicated and a responsibility.

Time Travel is the ultimate test of logic!

P.S. There are a lot more problems to solve and a lot more issues to resolve. One at a TIME!

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  1. I do love this post – and time travel would be soooo incredible!! Just even imagining it!! But it does scramble my mind with the details, and the paradoxes


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