Frame of Mind

They say, one needs to be in the right “Frame of Mind” to accomplish any particular task. Some call it “mood” or “zone”, etc.

But what no tells you is how to master the art of being in the right “Frame of Mind”.

Meditation? No. Exercise? No. No such thing will help you concentrate and be in the right frame of mind in any and every situation, unless you want to do so.

To be in right frame of mind, one needs to learn to control one’s brain. One needs to learn to control emotions, feelings, desires, wants, unruly thoughts, etc.

I am not asking you to be emotionless. Not everyone can have that quality or gift, if you will. But everyone has the ability to learn how to control one’s desires and thoughts in a certain situation, in order to be able to concentrate on the task at hand and pursue it as it moves forward instead of having one’s brain being filled with thoughts of past and desires of future.

No matter what you are doing, it is very important to be in the “Right Frame of Mind”.

You can never learn and understand everything you read if, while doing so, your brain is wandering somewhere else, thinking about something completely different.

You can not perform a surgery on a patient if all you can think of in that moment is about the days to come.

More than being in the ‘Right Frame of Mind’, one needs to be in the ‘Moment’.

One needs to learn to separate one thing from the other. No two actions will yield the same result. They may accomplish something particular in the long-term, but in the moment, both the actions are independent of each other and need to be handled in that way.

You can’t read history and solve a Mathematical equation. That is wrong.

Some people can do that. But those ‘some people’ are hardly a few 100 people out of the entire population of the planet.

Not everyone can run different questions, possibilities and probabilities at the same time and be efficient.

One needs to learn to be in the moment. Work your way along. Be in the situation; Be in the right “Frame of Mind”.

I know it’s not easy but one needs to at least give it a try.

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