The Great American Election

Well, to start with, let’s put forward and agree upon one extremely important fact;

Wearing a mask is more important than being a “Tough Guy”

Now, to all the citizens of the Great United States of America; Please! Vote Better This Time.

And if you are not interested in listening to me, listen to some of the best people to have ever lived in the United States.

For example; The Jedi Master, Mark Hamill; The man with the fastest information processing brain, Brent Spiner; The Engineer of the Enterprise, LeVar Burton; The Hulk, Mark Ruffalo; The Helmsman, George Takei; The righteous Commander, Jonathan Frakes; The Doctor, Gates McFadden; And the Captain of the Enterprise, Patrick Stewart, among many others.
And, Captain America!

The problem with every election is that it isn’t just about a particular country. And when that country is USA, well, the election affects the entire globe.

So, try and be better this time around. After Obama, electing Trump was like eating a spoonful of dirt after having one’s favorite dessert.

I am not telling you that Biden will be the like a dessert or your favorite main course because I can’t tell you about the future but I CAN tell you that you are all ‘Grups’ and it is about time now that you stopped eating dirt.

Elect Captain Kirk as an interim President for all I care. Just don’t elect the man filled with oranges again.

Evolution is necessary. To evolve, one needs to move forward, learning and acquiring new knowledge and working in order to make a difference.

Try to make a difference this time. Try to prove to yourself that you are evolving with time and are ready to take a step away from the entire stupidity and idiosyncrasy.

If Mr. Spock were alive, he would tell you that electing Biden is the logical thing to do.

I mean, what worse could happen? I don’t see how anyone can ruin anything anymore than it already has been.

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  1. Great posts as always. However, I would urge you to do research into Trump and Biden other than using google as a search engine as things are censored now. Conspiracy theories are not always incorrect. Biden’s brother has links to a human trafficking trade in eastern Europe and a lot of dark stuff is happening..

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  2. Biden and Trump? The lessons of many weevils! Whom to put in office in this compromised society is daunting scary and hopefully China 🇨🇳 Biden will win because I am exhausted from the Trump debacle so for the next four years maybe we can get back some sense of normalcy just saying!🙏🐕♒️😷💯

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  3. Reblogged this on Weekly Ramblings and commented:

    “Electing Trump after Obama is like eating a spoonful of dirt after having ones favorite dessert.”

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  4. I LOVE this post ❤️❤️❤️ you made me laugh!! And your points are valid…

    I, for one, can NOT take another 4 years of that man!!! Omg … like I need another hole in the head – I can not stand him… he only won because he was up against Hillary which was a horrible choice as well – I don’t trust the Clinton’s either. They destroyed that themselves

    But you are right – we have been eating dirt… dirty dirt 😝😝😝 oh it’s so bad

    All he does is literally throw gasoline all over the place and just light all kinds of fires … he literally is the worst President the United States has ever ever ever had!!! Omg there is no comparison!!

    I can not stand when he speaks, what he says, what he believes – I am done – I want him out!!!

    I would rather have Biden – he has Kamala Harris behind him for Vice – I like her – I wish was her running for President – but ok I will take Biden

    I can not do another 4 years of this bullshit!! Omg!!! I can not!!!

    I believe Biden is winning in polls but that is not a sure bet and with these mail in votes – Trump is going to make issue with that so even the election is going to be a down right circus!!

    Ugh he is not good!!!

    At the very least, Biden has political experience and tact… he was vice under Obama – he knows how to handle politics and a people.

    Most people I know are going Biden… but my republican friends are hard core Trump supporters … also racists are as well.

    It will be an interesting election – like a sporting event or something

    Omg I am so ready to have a actual normal decent calm President … get this joker out of office

    And ps… do not say that last line 😄😮 after Trump I am leery of that!!! It can always be worse

    But I don’t think will be bad with Biden … way better – night and day!!! Oh please please please please get him out!!! I just can NOT take him!!!!! At all!!! And I have to deal with him and hear him and see his face – none of which I can stand at this point!!!

    Worst President EVER!!!!!

    I do kinda worry that since he has started so many issues… that when he loses… all hell will break lose… I hope not… but I worry about that…. we still have tons of protests going on about a lot of things and this election is highly umm volatile… yes that is the perfect word for this election!!!

    Please let it go ok…

    You made me laugh with this post – love this one

    I will be voting Biden – screw this shit! 🇺🇸 🙏

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  5. Also just FYI… I am neither a Republican… or a Democrat… I am an independent… meaning I can vote however I chose and whichever way I decide is the best choice. I do not have loyalty to one party or the other … I will vote based on who I believe to be best. I do not believe that is Trump- I have had it with his shit!

    So let’s see what 2020 does – ready for November? Whew oh boy


  6. Great post….I so much agree with you….and I don’t even live in USA…but just like you wrote….or affects the whole world….lol@”After Obama, electing Trump was like eating a spoonful of dirt after having one’s favorite dessert.”….loving your line…but you know the sad part, I sense Trump would win again…y…his bad drama of being covid-19 positive, coming out after 3 days…”God bless America” sort of thing…and a lot of people would fall for that…”Together we can do it” sort of fake hope….I do wish I’m wrong….but the moment I heard he’s covid-19 positive, right after a terrible 1st debate with Biden….I felt something isn’t right…no one has ever come out in just 3 days without any isolation….but he did… how….coz he was never covid-19 positive….it’s pure strategy to divert attention from how terrible he is for USA & the whole world….sadly I feel, people would fall in this trap….so I hope this time people vote….and I’m absolutely wrong….


  7. The problem is Biden is relatively better but he ain’t great….no one can be compared to Obama….not even to Clinton….even though he was busy with other stuff….it’s like USA isn’t “producing” great leaders anymore….so now I’m done 😉


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