The Drugged India

In the recent incoherent turn of events, it has started to seem as if only the Bollywood Celebrities are the ones who use Drugs. The media has also stated it to an extent that it’s the women who are more addicted as compared to men.

I am not trying to compare genders. I just trying to establish an equality. Or maybe, I am trying to understand, ‘whatever this is’.

All of this began with the so-called murder of an actor.

And now there is virtually and realistically no trace of any investigation into that death whatsoever. Somehow, the highly efficient agencies of India happened to turn a murder investigation into some sort of Powerplay against a Bollywood for some reason I am not able to understand.

Whatever the Governments and Media are doing, they sure have managed to ascertain the idea that it’s just the people in bollywood who use drugs.

No one else in India has ever tried any variety of drugs whatsoever.

Punjab has no drug problem. You will never find even a single child smoking, or injecting himself with some chemical. Never!

And there is practically no evidence of any sort of drug addiction across the entire country of India.

It’s all just in Bollywood.

We should spend months and every resource we can to eradicate drugs and stop those people from using them who can actually afford to buy whatever they are buying, if they are buying.

And if there are people and children who steal money, and do all sorts of other unwanted and illegal acts just to acquire alcohol or drugs, we should let them make their families suffer and die of hunger while they continue with their addictions.

Why worry about eradicating the problem when you can play with it superficially and gain much fame!

This is India. This is the way!

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  1. I have seen even poor children and beggars consuming drugs on the deserted streets of Mumbai. If somebody wants drugs, he or she can easily acquire, even in small towns. NCB officials should take a stroll to see how drugs have made inroads to our society.


  2. NCB is doing the job the institution was set up to do. There is an operating procedure, they can’t just see someone smoking/doing it and take them in.
    In the case that you have mentioned, they have evidence and they are following it. To reach somewhere they have to start somewhere. But I agree to your view that print, social and press media are chasing the case like only Bollywood has been a part of this system. People condemning Deepika and alike and then relating it to her ordeal of depression are the same who posted “talk to me , I am available, if you feel like talking” after Shushant’s death. Fickle-minded janta with no work/ employment in their hand is ought to hype such cases.
    But I feel since Bollywood has connection with underworld for drug supply and other stuff , this entire drug chase case can be a major tool to atleast shake drug cartel, if pursued effectively.


  3. Its the part of devolopment,while the media shows the prince of the world is west and rest of the country who adopt the chain in real life also a problem of developing side.this is so called life we cant make drug free unless the political goons stay focused.


  4. Well I don’t know India – only from reading peoples stories or seeing others photos.

    But my thoughts are – anyone who believes nothing will ever touch them – are kidding themselves … that is a false sense of security to me.

    If it is in one area, it bleeds into others. Sometimes people are blind to issues they either don’t know or don’t want to see.

    We have Hollywood here – which is kinda a comparison … yes drugs sex money – all within that profession … some keep their head on straight – some do not. That profession deals with some heavy things – you don’t have privacy, you don’t have a normal life, the people kinda own you and tabloids are awful!! True or not – scandal sells. And people in general want to believe the worst whether it’s true or not.

    People very quick to judge celebrities, instead of looking in their own lives.

    People are human. They do human things

    And drugs or alcohol, whatever it is… it is a problem. But not just for Hollywood … Hollywood only broadcasts it everywhere … outside of Hollywood… it is still there. A big problem for us.

    If your country does not have drugs as an issue in the general population – that is impressive.

    But drugs and alcohol are like a cancer – it spreads… and hard times make it worse. There is always a way someone can do those things, you don’t always necessarily have to buy it

    That case you speak of… is so sad 💔☹️ but at the same time maybe they need to open their eyes more to some of these subjects?

    And I’m sorry – it does not matter if you are male or female … ha that is funny!

    In some things possibly there is a difference between males and females – like for example suicide – the rates of that are WAY higher in young males (I don’t understand why??) is maybe that females are more into emotions? Where males maybe keep to themselves? I don’t know??

    But with drugs and alcohol … hmm I would say it’s pretty even? Just my opinion that’s all.

    Very interesting though ✌️


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