Dev Cloud

Hypothetical Paper

Irrespective of what humans have grown to believe, water has existed in the Universe for billions of years. The 4 most common elements in the Universe are Oxygen, Hydrogen, Nitrogen and Carbon.

It is imperative that we understand the nature of these elements. And it is even more imperative that we understand and accept that Earth is not “The Chosen Planet” and is in no way the only place with water in the whole-wide Universe.

Many star-systems will certainly be discovered with abundant amounts of water the day we are capable enough of Interstellar Space travel.

Just because you can’t see something, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

Now, the “Dev Cloud”!

Considering the ever increasing demand of water, humans would finally reach a stage where they will have to draw on far-fetched possibilities of gaining water so as to be able to fulfil their needs.

Theoretically, “Dev Cloud” would be a large, dense cloud of water, floating in the interstellar space but not completely adrift.

Highly advanced civilizations would be capable of controlling every single moment of the cloud and use it’s resources according to their needs.

Practically, it won’t be possible for anyone in anyway whatsoever to control the movements of a cloud floating in the planet’s atmosphere but given this cloud exists outside the atmosphere, theoretically, it won’t be as far-fetched as it may sound.

Considering that the cloud would be extremely large and dense, it would certainly have billions of liters of water which means it would be certainly quite heavy.

Such big and heavy cloud, brought towards a planet will automatically get pulled into its Gravity.

Highly advanced civilizations would be completely capable of manipulating the clouds direction and speed in a way as to put that cloud into the Planet’s Orbit.

Once in orbit, they would be able to use the water in any way or form they want and whenever they need.

“Dev Cloud” would measure at least 106m3 in size.

The Type 3 or Type 4 civilization would be completely capable of using such clouds to their advantage by acquiring one from their own galaxy or from some other Galaxy, respectively.

Such civilizations would be advanced enough to acquire clouds of water with such large deposits that even if their planet had as much as Earth’s population, those clouds of water would be enough to supply for every single person’s needs on that planet for hundreds of thousands of years.

Theoretically, advanced civilization must have developed a mechanism capable of transporting that cloud from one part of the Universe to another and then placing it in the orbit of the planet with the mechanism to keep it in continuous motion around the planet and also capable of drawing its resources when necessary.

Such a planet would never really run out of water, because even if they manage to exploit the entire reserve of water, they would be completely able to find another or maybe, just use the one in a way as to be able to use, recycle and reuse what they have in an efficient way.

The technology required to control the clouds motion and hold its weight would be made from a certain Stable Super Heavy Element which would be efficient enough to withstand all the abnormalities of space, debris, cloud’s structure, etc.

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