Mirror That Created Reality

Chapter 9

In the search for another part of me, I traveled the entire Universe again; I stood on uncharted planets and looked far into the oblivion; And when I looked towards the center of the Universe, the one no one has ever known; I saw a mirror bigger than any known galaxy, with letters inscribed which read “The Octavian”.

Those weren’t the letters I had ever seen; That wasn’t even the language I knew existed; Yet, somehow, I could read the letters and understand every single word written; To me, all of it seemed a bit too twisted.

I found the master and we traveled to that part of the Universe; I wanted to see what it was where I came from; I wanted to find out every single detail about my origin; I wanted to find all the constants and the variables to be able to calculate the sum.

When I reached my final destination; In a million years, I finally felt like I was at home; The place was completely alien to me; Yet, it seemed too familiar and I was like Julius Caesar, roaming in Rome.

And right in front of me it was; The mirror I had seen from light years across; So huge it was and facing in all the directions and every dimension, both known and unknown; It didn’t reflect any light the way it should, nor did it engross.

The closer I looked, the more uncomfortable I felt; It seemed as if it wasn’t just an image it showed; The mirror kept pulling me towards it; To all life and Universe, it was the basic code.

It took me long to understand; It wasn’t a mirror that created an image of actuality; It was much more advanced than anything anyone had ever seen; It was the mirror that created reality.

The mirror that created every single speck of energy floating across the multiverse; The mirror that created all molecules and atoms and planets and stars everywhere; Everything known and unknown was created and thrown into existence from that part; It created the void in space and the planetary atomsphere.

I found a lot of answers in one single day; But few questions still happened to remain; I still didn’t know what purpose the mirror served in my endless life; And the question of who created the mirror and how kept poking my brain.

Chapter 1 The Night of Thousand Tears

Chapter 2 A Thousand Days of Pain

Chapter 3 Into The Past

Chapter 4 The Saviour

Chapter 5 Facing The Truth

Chapter 6 Who Am I – The Question

Chapter 7 Who Am I – The Answer

Chapter 8 My Truth

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  1. About the mirror…My family will tell you it was created for people that can’t get enough of themselves and can’t walk past one without pausing to have a look at it! That’s always been me! Not a flattering observation to confess concerning yourself.

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