The 21 Grams Experiment

Once upon a time in the year 1901, there lived a man named Duncan Macdougall. For some reason, he wished to scientifically determine if a soul had weight.

The Result of his experiment:

One of the patients lost weight but then put the weight back on, and two of the other patients registered a loss of weight at death but a few minutes later lost even more weight. One of the patients lost “three-fourths of an ounce” (21.3 grams) in weight, coinciding with the time of death. MacDougall disregarded the results of another patient on the grounds the scales were “not finely adjusted”, and discounted the results of another as the patient died while the equipment was still being calibrated. MacDougall reported that none of the dogs lost any weight after death.

While conducting an ‘Unknown Type’ of Experiment, which he wished to base on science, he somehow managed to leave science out of it altogether.

One of the reason might be the fact that it wasn’t until 1905 that Einstein formulated his most famous equation, E=MC2, in his paper where he theorized the Mass-Energy Equivalnce.

Once a person dies, his organs cease to function. After death, the body loses or gains heat progressively until it equilibrates with that of the surrounding medium.

Once a body ceases to function, it is bound to lose energy on different levels. Every form of energy in one’s body will start breaking down once the body stops using any of it and will eventually fade away. The entire air filled in the lungs will be sucked out. There will just be traces of oxygen left.

So that is what the body loses. Not a soul. But air, elements, energy.

Those things have weight. Not the soul.

The only thing I cannot possibly begin to understand is, why would he report that the dogs didn’t lose any weight?

Had this experiment been based even on the fringe of science, the result would have been that every living being loses weight after death.

That is basic science!

P.S. There is no such thing as a soul. It’s just matter and energy.

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  1. I remember reading of this experiment. One would have to do some research to check back to your post and quite frankly I don’t have the energy! One also loses body fluids at death which can account for the loss in weight. I’m not going to argue for or against us having soul. But you’re right that whatever mathematical conclusion arrived at during a seeming doubtful experiment can’t be attributed to whether it was soul that was lost at point of death. As to dogs not losing weight at point of death – scientists are supposed to be intelligent! Jeez!

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  2. It’s not very ‘scientific’ to argue against the soul because it doesn’t have mass. That is after all, a defining quality of anything ‘spiritual’. And even more unscientific to think one has ‘proven’ such.
    That was the same mistake that McDougle made.

    I enjoy the posts though.

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  3. To me the soul is who that person “is”…

    But I can tell you 😄 … you do NOT lose weight because of your soul leaving the body 😄

    I remember reading about this a very long time ago, I forgot all about it.

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