My Truth

Chapter 8

I am not the reason behind The Night of Thousand Tears; I am not the initiator of The Thousand Days of Pain; I am responsible for far more than just that; I am the reason behind every life and bane.

I am not just the creator or the Destroyer of Worlds; I am both, the beginning and the end of every civilization; I am every single thought that every crossed your mind and each reality you have lived; I am the Universal Truth of Salvation and Annihilation.

I have made the planets stop; I have exploded the stars into Blackholes; I have been inside every single molecule in the Universe; I am in every place, empty and whole.

I have existed for a time far too long; I don’t even remember the last time when I was who I am; I have been in too many places, I have been in too many forms; I have crossed the barriers of Space and Time in ways one cannot imagine; I was always here and will continue to remain just as I am!

I started as nothing but just pure energy; I evolved too fast into the Supreme Intelligence; I was the only form of life that once existed in the entire Universe; And then I set out to create billions more with my thoughts and excellence.

As I traveled light years after light years I discovered one Universe after another; I found civilizations… some primitive, some advanced; I lived with each for long enough to understand; In the quest, the entire Multiverse I enhanced.

I traveled alone for ages; I lived as those I found; I ultimately couldn’t find a way to return to what I was; I forgot my real shape and my original sound.

And when I couldn’t dig the far reaches of my own entangled brain; I started adopting fallacious ways; Every time I imagined a chaos, I ended up destroying a world; I saw in front of my eyes for a million times, the drying drops of rain and the fading Sun’s rays.

And after a hundred times I realized; I was too pure a form of energy to be destroyed; I kept changing from one form to another with all my memories retained; I lived as a Vulcan, Bachhus, Apollo and Humanoid.

My Truth I hid for as long as I could; Until the time I reached my breaking point and couldn’t see more worlds be ripped apart; I finally got tired of snapping Universes out of existence; And I set out to find my Counterpart.

Chapter 1 The Night of Thousand Tears

Chapter 2 A Thousand Days of Pain

Chapter 3 Into The Past

Chapter 4 The Saviour

Chapter 5 Facing The Truth

Chapter 6 Who Am I – The Question

Chapter 7 Who Am I – The Answer

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