Who Am I – The Answer

Chapter 7

As he started telling me about my true existence; I began to hear, in distance, sounds of cry; Everything I had believed shattered in front of me; And I realized, everything I knew was a lie.

I didn’t belong to the place I thought I did; I wasn’t who I had been led to believe I was; The purpose of my life wasn’t to just live along and die; I existed to serve a much larger cause.

I learnt that even if I had tried to die before the moment arrived; I would have still found myself in the same place every time; Irrespective of all the factors and variables; I would have still witnessed the same amount of Nights and the same number of The Days of Sunshine.

I came from a place – much, much further away; Beyond the billions of stars you see; I came from the world where reality and thoughts intertwine; I came from a place where the stars and the planets flow like a sea.

It was more of an imagination than a reality, I thought; A place like that could never exist; But no matter how hard I tried to not believe what he said; The idea of belonging to such a place… I just couldn’t resist.

I was never born; I was never created; I was a result of energy transforming from one form to another; I learnt that I will always exist and that I could never be defeated.

I was my only enemy; I was the only reason I died; I was living in a reality created by the thought; I was the one killing myself over and over again and it was to me, I always lied.

I was beyond the apprehensions and comprehensions of the human brain to which I had caged myself; I was beyond the imaginations of my reduced perception; I was no primitive complex structure of Organic Life; I was much more beyond the common conception.

Every single thought was my reality; Every reality was a thought of mine; The life and Death, The creation and Destruction; All of those were mine to define.

I had been caged to my primitive self for far too long; I had forgotten my path and everything I was meant to do; I had completely lost myself to the unknown intricacies; And I had forgotten what I was or who!

It took me a millennia to find myself; It took me quadrillions of deaths and obliteration of billions of worlds; It took me a countless Nights of Thousand Tears and Hundreds of Thousand Days of Pain; It took me innumerable lifetimes to find my own words.

Chapter 1 The Night of Thousand Tears

Chapter 2 A Thousand Days of Pain

Chapter 3 Into The Past

Chapter 4 The Saviour

Chapter 5 Facing The Truth

Chapter 6 Who Am I – The Question

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