Does Time Have an End

According to Einstein’s General Relativity, which is our best current description of space and time, the only place where time – and also space – ends is in a so-called singularity. This involves gravitational forces becoming so intense that space and time lose all meaning.

But do time and space really ‘end’ in a singularity?

Say, you have a sphere which is 3 meters in diameter. In its original form, while exsting in space, it will occupy 14.137166941154 meters3 of space. If you keep shrinking it, and end up reducing it into the smallest atom, it will still occupy some space.

Same is the case with time. Time, as we know it, moves at a certain pace that is a perception of our brain and what we have adapted to over a considerable period. But for something or anything moving at the Speed of Light, Time seems to not have progressed in comparison to something that doesn’t move at that speed.

For something that can break that barrier and move at speeds beyond that of light, time would move in ways beyond our comprehension.

And yes, that is possible, given that we live in an ever expanding Universe, about the most of which we have almost no information whatsoever.

Space and time would not likely ever ‘end’ in a singularity. They would continue to exist in ways beyond our understanding, but they won’t end.

The infinite Gravitational Field inside a singularity would make space and time so dense and move at uncertain speeds and in unacceptable patterns.

It would be so dense and against the known laws of Physics, that it would be something much closer to what we have conceptualized as ‘The Quantum Universe’. Beyond the known laws and theories.

Space would still exist. Time would still exist. Atoms and molecules would still be there. Just not the way as we know them.

Because if we consider that space and time end in a singularity, it would mean the end of an energy.

Theoretically, my assumptions and my Math cannot agree with the idea of Space and Time ending anywhere!

And since it was the singularity that exploded to form the Universe that we live in today, the idea of space and time ending in singularity would raise an all new question:

If space and time had already ended in the singularity, how did the Universe come into existence from the Big Bang which is the beginning of our Universe“?

Which leads us to the only probable conclusion that the supposition of Space and Time ending in a Singularity, according to Einstein’s General Relativity, is wrong.

P.S. Nothing ever ends!

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  1. Inspiring post. May be you are right- nothing ever ends.Many people believe in life after death, for example. They say that the soul is eternal. Of course, I am not talking about scientists or Einstein.
    As time goes on and on, I wish you a good day.

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  2. That’s so weird!! I literally just read something yesterday on Einstein’s theory of relativity … and the paper was stating something saying that Einstein’s theory is wrong, and according to physics can not be possible

    Interesting – so weird you mention that. Just a coincidence – I’m having alot of those lately!


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