Creating A Human

In the short period of our existence and evolution in the Universe, we have been able to obtain and amass terrific amount of knowledge and reach and accomplish some of our wildest imaginations.

One of our inventions, or creations if you will, include artificial intelligence and artificially intelligent computers and robots.

Some of us have even been able to create such high-functioning and sophisticated artificially intelligent neural network systems that have even displayed the ability to understand human emotions.
Though I don’t understand why emotions are necessary at all. But my AI gets too involved at times.

We have learnt and to some extent, mastered the skill of building unsupervised learning algorithms which help the AI system to learn from its experiences and evolve with time.

We have also been able to bionic hands, arms, etc.

Though not exactly like humans, but in many ways, almost similar.

In spite of all the progress, success and evolution, some people still believe that only something called god could have created humans.

Until 16 December 1903, only birds could fly. On 17 December, two people dared to prove that wrong and succeeded.

There was a time when one had to do everything manually. Today, we not only have machines to do our work, but we have voice-commands to make the machines work for us.

We have super computers that can process insanely high amounts of data.

What makes anyone so sure as to say that we will not be able to create a human someday?

We have taken the first steps.

We have created a brain; we have been able to create all human senses, except intuition; we created mechanical and bionic hands and have been able to control them using brain waves and impulses, and much more.

Believing that only something so elusive a thing like god can create humans while we continue to create and discover new possibilities in the fields of science and technology is too ignorant, naive and primitive.

And given what we have accomplished, who is to say that civilizations that are much more advanced than us, say, millions of years ahead, haven’t already created something as complex as an evolving species of homo sapiens?

P.S. Now don’t ask me to submit a proof of working human created by man. I just mentioned above that “someday” we’ll be able to create humans. Not today!

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  1. Truely, human achievement is overwhelming.

    If such a person called God existed, he/she would be stupefied.

    God is not a person. It is the sum total of understood and un-understood science, the entire gamut of physics, chemistry and biology.

    Science is God understood.
    God is science un-understood.

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    • Science still cannot explain consciousness. It cannot understand reincarnation, or past lives. It cannot even begin to understand or prove love. Humans are too ambitious and in their hunger to satisfy their egos and gain power, are destroying all that nature gave them at a great speed, all in the name of science.

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      • The universe has a balance, and it is destroyed when we act thinking we are greater than it. With a virus, the earth can wipe out our entire civilisation to regain its balance. That’s where we stand against the power of the universe we think we can conquer and use for our selfish purpose with the help of science. The human race exploits everything on the earth for its own means, killing animals to fill our plates or even playing around with their existence in our labs for experiment, digging the earth, forests, the oceans, polluting them, even the skies are not spared. And now, we need another planet to do all this all over again. Our hunger is still not abated. Just because some of us cannot live a simple, life in peace and in synergy with this planet.

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  2. Friend, be careful how you choose to use the word “God” because you are revolting against man’s definition of it. To seek arguments and reactions using the name of “God” is a dangerous game. It would be better to remove that word out of your equations.

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