Future Alters The Past

Quantum Theory predicts that The Future might possibly be capable of influencing The Past, thus leading to the future that has already been set in the loop of time.

The concept of Retrocausality, or Backwards Causation.

Say, there are two particles, connected in space at some point. Measuring a property of one of them instantly sets the value for the other, no matter to when and where in the Universe it has moved.

Aspects of Quantum Mechanics just keep getting weirder, the deeper you go.

For example; if there is a pair of entangled quantum particles with one of them located in space-time here and now, and the other located right here but 30 years in the future; if my future self, or anyone for that matter, locates that particle in 2050, I would have detected it’s presence here in 2020.

In the same way, we can also theorize that just like many of our actions are based upon our past experiences, some are also based on our future experiences and endeavors.

Retrocausality does not mean that signals can be communicated from the future to the past—such signaling would be forbidden even in a retrocausal theory due to thermodynamic reasons. Instead, retrocausality means that, when an experimenter chooses the measurement setting with which to measure a particle, that decision can influence the properties of that particle (or another particle) in the past, even before the experimenter made their choice. In other words, a decision made in the present can influence something in the past.

So, one can say, it is all connected like a chain. Past affects the Present; Present affects the Future; Future affects the Present; And Present affects the Past.

The Loop of Time!

A never ending, continuous loop of time with no beginning and no end. Just filled with events like the Big Bang and an Asteroid that wiped out the Dinosaurs for us to mark an end of certain species and beginning of another and to label the history to the best of our knowledge and perception.

The laws of Quantum Mechanics are too distinctly different and weird from those we know and use to define our Universe.

Certain things that seem to be following a certain pattern when observed using Classical Physics might end up being completely random on quantum levels and things that seem to have no pattern, just might be the most sophisticatedly ordered.

P.S. Quantum Mechanics can define the Universe in ways beyond what one can allow oneself to imagine.

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  1. T S Eliot knew this in the 1920’s as described in the opening lines of Burnt Norton, the first of four poems making up the Four Quartets. Although Quantum Mechanics had been born in that decade he was not familiar with it.

    Time present and time past
    Are both perhaps present in time future,
    And time future contained in time past.
    If all time is eternally present
    All time is unredeemable.
    What might have been is an abstraction
    Remaining a perpetual possibility
    Only in a world of speculation.
    What might have been and what has been
    Point to one end, which is always present.

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