Rip In The Universe

This is not about the ‘Big Rip’. We’ll talk about that later. Today, let’s discuss the possibility of a small rip in the Universe and what can be its consequences.

If you are wondering how small, well, compare the entire area of Earth to a single grain of sand.

Too small, one might argue. But not quite when you change the values with respect to the size of the Universe.

If there is, say, a concentrated, high-energy explosion in a very small area of space; an explosion of a highly dense star, for example; it would release unimaginably high amounts of energies and theoretically might even create intense electromagnetic and gravitational ripples, ultimately causing storms.

Those storms, at certain points in the Universe, like the deep space, near a huge black hole, where the amount of Electromagnetic and Gravitational waves is higher than any other place in the Cosmos, might lead to an extensive, continuous series of explosions in that particular area.

Those Electromagnetic and Gravitational storms can theoretically create a rip in the Space-Time as we know it and that rip can most probably and possibly connect two dimensions. Two Parallel Universes.

Quite Fascinating!

A Rip in the Universe might be one way into a Parallel Universe. But of course, with no guaranteed way back. For we don’t know how long that rip would remain and if it would ever be stable at all!

But the theoretical possibility of its existence is fascinating.

A much larger rip could either be a stable way into a Parallel Universe or something that might annihilate both the Universes.

Nevertheless, the possibility is intriguing and it tantalizes me.

P.S. What would be the ultimate result of the ‘Big Rip’?

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  1. I know nothing about the laws of physics but I love this post, and others like it. The universe fascinates me and I watch every program on television that Brian Cox presents. I can’t imagine what another universe would look like. Maybe multiple universes are destroyed and begin again all the time.

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    • Most certainly. Therortically, all across the Universe, it’s a possibility that there might be over 60 billion planets that would support life and hundreds of thousands of them might possibly have intelligent life.

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