A Thousand Days of Pain

Chapter 2

The skies tore apart; abominations came hailing down on the worlds; I felt a twitch somewhere in my heart; I couldn’t explain it in words. I knew I was the reason behind it all; I knew the worlds were going to end again; I knew, it was the beginning of “A Thousand Days of Pain“.

I surrounded myself with darkness; I locked myself at the bottom of the ocean; I was afraid of myself; I feared everything I had set in motion.

I didn’t know what to do; I didn’t know who to turn to; My curiosity had cost me everything; To my curiosity, I also lost you.

I sank to the extremity of the sea; I hid in a cave under a boulder; I was surrounded with the emptiness of water with no sign of life; And just then, when I was about to turn into something that would have trembled and quaked the Universe apart; I felt a calming touch on my bruised shoulder.

The face I hadn’t seen in a thousand years; with gushing smiles and drenched in tears; I cracked in the moment and patched back together; I couldn’t hear anything; For a moment, I went deaf in my ears.

It was…

The man who took me in when I had lost everything; The man who taught me the ways of life and beyond; The man who urged me to be who I was supposed to be; The man who came from a planet far away in the system of Kayond!

I was relieved for a moment; The next, I was devastated again; As with every passing moment I kept realizing what I had done; My every function was impaired just by thought that I was the one who initiated ‘A Thousand Days of Pain‘.

I could have held myself back
I could have told myself not to do any of that
I could have spared the Universe of all the pain
I should have reconsidered that one atrocious thought that I had.

My every action went unnoticed; For me, it was all a part of the game; I never knew that things would take such a turn; I never thought I would be the one to put the Universe through ‘A Thousand Days of Pain‘.

Chapter 1 The Night of Thousand Tears

Chapter 3 Into The Past

Chapter 4 The Saviour

Chapter 5 Facing The Truth

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