Creation of The Universe

To all those people who think God created the Universe, which, if he did, multiple hims created multiple Universes in multiple ways, like:

The Brahma Purana describes that there was nothing, but an eternal ocean. From which, a golden egg, called Hiranyagarbha, emerged. The egg broke open and Brahma, who had created himself within it, came into existence (gaining the name Swayambhu). Then, he created the universe, the earth and other things.

Pre-creation: Genesis 1:1–21 In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. 2 And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness [was] upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.


So, the one same Universe seems to be created in multiple different ways. And what’s even more absurd is, the thing called God violated the First Law of Thermodynamics!

Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. It is always conserved and can change from one form to another.

God, on the other hand, created the entire bloody Universe out of thin air.

I know some of you will go crazy and justify this horseshit by suggesting God is all the energy, etc. but think practically. Please! Use logic.

The only scenario that explains the creation of the Universe in accordance with all the theories and experiments conducted, is the Big Bang.

Now, unless God had the Darkhold or something like it, there is no way he created the universe out of thin air.

And if he did, then the ‘Devil‘ you people talk about is also him.

Who created the Universe and How, ask the question you must!

P.S. I will question and explain it all. Patience you must have, my young padawans.

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  1. These are all analogies, we can not take literal meaning. Like golden egg came it can be construed as big bang, you know what I mean. Everything was written as a poem so, just like we try to convey things, the same way they are conveyed there. Hope you get what I am trying to say. Thought provoking!!!


  2. I’m sorry I can’t “like” your post for that would put us in agreement. But at least I am learning some of what you believe. And yes, I do believe in the one true God who is a trinity, whose knowledge, wisdom and power are far above my finite explanations. If I could fully explain Him, He would be no smarter or more powerful than I am, which would leave us all in a horrible mess. I would encourage you to study Jesus for He is the revelation of God in the flesh. Maybe you will agree maybe not. That is your choice. And I do appreciate you stopping by my posts.

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  3. Why is the idea of God more unreasonable to you than the Big Bang? That idea seems much more silly to me than the idea of our very detailed and complicated universe being designed a great Designer. He made this game of life and each of us characters. We are trapped in this very real universe which is actually just a thought of a Designer called God. The one rule He gave Himself was to never mess with free will.

    Th first few hundred humans decided to do Life the hard way and be jerks to each other. After life had been going on for a while, God realized humanity, (all of us mini gods who think we control life) were mostly ungrateful jerks, so he wiped the world clean with the flood and started again with different humans who ended up becoming jerks so God gave them a few rules. Unfortunately the rules weren’t enough to stop humans, so He made a plan.

    Make Himself into a human, go into the game and tell the characters that they don’t have to worry and treat others bad. Life is amazing and we get to love it and each other and we should love God because He made it all and even became human so that all of us would know that He, God, knows it’s hard to be human. It is for all of us, but it will be over one day.

    When we die, we are either trapped in the game as ghosts, or we go meet the Designer and we find out this reality was just a thought.

    It helps if you know the Designer but He gives us control of that. Have fun playing your roll. Recognize the beauty in the world and each other. Love is the answer.

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  4. That’s an interesting view. I can personally vouch for Jesus, but if you die and are a ghost, remember me and Jesus. Tell Him sorry for not believing and come find me in Heaven.


  5. So thehobbler can personally vouch for Jesus? Well goodness, gracious me! I do love these discussions and often have them at family gatherings. Always good fun. The big bang? How do we know there was only one? There might have been dozens, or millions!


    • Well, you see, that’s why it is always suggested to read as much as you can.
      If you follow the link embedded in the words ‘The Big Bang’, you’ll find the theory of multiple Big Bangs.


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