Does The Universe Exist?

We go about our lives in a certain way. We know the things that we own, we can see each other, we see objects including the sun, moon and the stars.

But are they really there when we don’t look at them?

Is the position of any object in the Universe the same when we measure it as compared to when we don’t?

Does everything exist continuously along the 3 dimensional space and time?

Or does it appear and disappear simultaneously?

Say, if I look at the Moon and see it in a particular position, would it continue to remain in the same position when I stop looking?

Copenhagen Interpretation suggests that physical systems generally do not have definite properties prior to being measured, and quantum mechanics can only predict the probability distribution of a given measurement’s possible results. The act of measurement affects the system, causing the set of probabilities to reduce to only one of the possible values immediately after the measurement. 

But now, I am saying that it is quite likely that we are living in a state of simultaneous appearance and disappearance.

The objects that we see, exist only because we are looking at them; things we hear exist because we can listen to them; and things we feel exist as long as we are feeling them.

What happens when you are sitting with your eyes closed, in complete silence? Nothing exists!

If humans couldn’t remember and store memories, would we still think of someone or something when that person or thing is no longer in our vicinity?

If we were unable to store memories, everything would cease to exist for us unless it was right in front.

So, we live in a state of existence and non-existence.

We exist and we don’t, simultaneously.

P.S. The Existence Postulation.

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  1. Western philosophers dealt with these ideas centuries ago.They may be difficult to read, but with no personal criticism of the author intended, these old philosophers did an excellent job of exploring these ideas in great depth.

    Dimensions are just a human created tool to communicate with each other and make things, And things? as no two things are exactly the same, how do you get the number two and mathematics?
    How can science get interval and ratio level data without a number 2?

    Yet most people dealt with this everyday—Observe people at the fruit counter picking apple for sale by the pound or apples at a set price for each, they pick very differently and easily switch between the two.

    Words are just abstractions, they are not real nor do they describe an independent reality —Humans cannot know anything—scientifically— which cannot be experienced sensually and non scientific ways of knowing are anecdotal and personal, may be of use to an individual but not much use to a common knowledge.

    The Bible, or Koran, or Talmud “knows” a lot more than science will ever know, it has “answers for everything,”but the answers are not very practical for society and really not very practical for individuals. either.

    Science on the other hand, what little it “knows” about the universe (compared to the Bible) has very practical knowledge for everyone and an excellent methdology—how you know and what you know are equal parts of knowing and science does that best.

    If we cannot experience it we cannot know it is there, if we cannot know it is there we can not know it. A writer can mix up a lot words, Wiliam Bouroughs used to cut up printed words and reassemble them on a page and called it writing.

    The problem with words is people think they really describe reality when they are just abstract tools humans created to communicate, they work pretty well for that purpose, but to the universe they are meaningless, unimportant, and unnecessary. And finding “problems”or contradictions when using them is because they do not define a reality but are just symbols people use for communication.

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  2. Yes. We exist and don’t exist simultaneously!
    Kabir in his one of the couplet said: समूँद नहीं सीप बिन, स्वाति बूँद भी नाहीं। कबीर मोती नीपजे, सून्य सिसिर गह गाँठी॥
    Means: The Ocean and droplets from sky exists because the bivalve sea shell has to form Pearl out of it. Because one the Pearl is formed the water cease to exist in water cycle. Such is transformation of human being on enlightenment. So whole of this world exists for you to get transformed. It does not exists for them who are busy in material world for power, money etc etc.
    It exists in present moment and person goes on switching between past and future without stopping there where the nectar is. Mind is cunning because present moment is death for it. All this happens because of ego.
    So exists in present moment but do not exist otherwise.


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