COVID-19 cases to drop from September


I suppose this is what is known as a “clickbait”.

Though it’s more of a sarcastic hit on those “Experts” who believe this will happen.

My analysis and calculations for the month of August were right, as they have been for every month before that.

I believe I need to learn a bit more about human behavior and psychological thought process to be able to calculate and predict every figure with pin-point accuracy.

Still, I have to do what I have been doing for all these past months.

Covid Figures For The Month of September

Let’s start with the most ignorant and developed country in the world. India!

I assumed India’s numbers to go up by 2.1 to 2.5 million in August which I cut down to 1.6-1.8 million considering the ignorance, human error and testing rate.

India ended up recording over 1.9 million cases. So, that wasn’t really a home run for me but I am glad India increased the testing rate.

Given the same rate of growth, India should record 2.67 million cases this month.

But then again, considering the increase and decrease in testing rate and some magic that India may or may not unleash, the number should be anywhere between 2.35 to 2.8 million.

Dibs on somewhere around 2.67!

As for the US and Brazil, I figured the increase in August would be between 3 to 3.8 million. But sadly it ended up being a mere 2.74 million.
That was bad!

Anyway, given the same rate of increase, the cases in South America and North America combined, should go up by around 3.8 million.

Brazil and US might continue at their current rate. And if that happens, the total increase in the two nations should be between 2.1 to 2.3 million.

As for the number of deaths; that should start increasing in the United States by substantial amount. India might also see an increase in number of deaths.

Considering the weather conditions that North and South America may experience, the daily number of cases should go up as compared to what they are now.

If that happens, North and South America might record anywhere between 4.25 to 4.6 million cases this month with an increase in number of deaths.

And the number of cases should yet again start to increase in the European nations.

Global Figures should increase by another 7.5 to 7.9 million in the best case scenario. But if all of it goes as I assume it will, the total increase might be around 8.3 to 8.65 million

P.S. On the basis of a completely absurd theory that I have been working on, if the number of cases in North and South America decrease substantially to, say, 2 to 2.4 million, it might lead to a huge amount of data which would be helpful to prove the origin of Covid-19 causing Novel Coronavirus.

If that theory doesn’t end up being preposterous, the cases should start decreasing outwards into North and South America, with Mexico being the center of wave.

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  1. I’m sure we will be increasing by big numbers… (schools and other places are reopening) …while our school district is still remaining under homeschool only – it is up to each individual district how they handle across the United States. Where I live you are required to wear a mask to enter an establishment… most people listen and those who don’t are not allowed in or showed out.

    So we will see – I’m a little nervous with a second worse wave…

    You have me curious about your theory… can’t wait to hear more.


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