Fun Fact: India Has An Act To Prohibit Child Labour

The Child and Adolescent Labour (Prohibition and Regulation) Act of 1986: A “Child” is defined as any person below the age of 14 and the CLPR Act prohibits employment of a Child in any employment including as a domestic help (except helping own family in non-hazardous occupations).

Article 24 Prohibits employment of children in factories, etc. No child below the age of fourteen years shall be employed to work in any factory or mine or engaged in any other hazardous employment.

But we see children working on the streets every day.

We see children working as house-helps.

Selling balloons on the streets; begging; cleaning cars on traffic signals.

I know I make it look good but isn’t.

No one really understands what “Prohibition” means.

India has such “Acts” just to show that it is a proper, developing, functioning country.

Outside the age-old book known as the constitution, India is a pathetic, miserable, ignorant and the most reckless country.

There are rules and laws and acts. But the thing is, they only exist in the books and are applied selectively.

Knowing that India has an Act to Prohibit and Regulate Child and Adolescent Labour is amusing.

But now that I think about it, I realize why it’s called an “Act”!

P.S. Don’t kill me! Just exercising my “Right to Speech”.

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