The Fine Structure Constant


Part 1

Why Is Our Universe The Way It Is?

Our Universe could have formed in any 1 of the infinite ways. Why is it the way it is and not some other way?

There are only 3 things that make it so:
Laws of The Nature;
Fundamental Constants Governing Reality;
and The Initial Conditions Our Universe Was Born With.

If the fundamental constants had substantially different values, it would be impossible to form even simple structures like atoms, molecules, planets or stars.

Yet, in our Universe, the constants have the explicit values they do, and that specific combination yields the life-friendly cosmos we inhabit.

One of those fundamental constants is known as “The Fine Structure Constant”.

Our Universe, if we break it down into its smallest constituent parts, is made of particles of the Standard Model!

Quarks and Gluons, 2 types of these particles, bind together to form bound states like the proton and neutron, which themselves bind together into atomic nuclei.

How are atoms formed?

Part 2 Formation of Atoms

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