Bleeding Words

If my words could bleed

If my poems could speak

You would know how pure and true

My love is for you

If my books could define

They’d tell you

How hard it has been for me to be without you

And still smile.

If the walls of my room could explain

They would break the silence, and you’d know

How I have felt and still managed to remain.

If the fan in my room could talk

It would reveal

How I have stared at it

Even when the hands in the clock were striking three.

If my pen had a voice

It would brief you

How I have scribbled it

On blank pages so moist

And if all these don’t explain my condition well

Ask my pillow then

That remained wet all those night

Remembering you

Wondering how you would have soothed me

In those moments of fright.

Categories: love

21 replies

  1. This poem is wonderful and resonate with such powerful emotion.

    It is raw, and these lines in particular stand out to me:

    “If my books could define

    They’d tell you

    How hard it has been for me to be without you”

    I think having also turned to books and writing throughout my life this for me was like seeing a thought of my own transposed upon the screen.

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  2. I find myself reading this poem over and over. It’s so full of feeling and flows like a stream through the rocky curves of the hillside and finally comes to a peaceful halt. I want to dip my toes into the water there and splash your wonderful words around with my bare feet!


  3. You capture the love, the longing, the pain and desperation of being torn in a relationship, very accurately… I can’t help but pray for the person, real or not. Thats the effect your artistry with words becomes for me as a reader. You’re Gifted. That said, I can’t put a like on this because I don’t like how torn the person is….. ( and I know that’s crazy talk) but you my dear…are Masterful!

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