The NEET, JEE Folly

NEET, JEE Main 2020 examination will be conducted in September as per the schedule. Education Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank has finally come ahead to talk about how the center took the decision to conduct the examination amid this pandemic.

Makes one wonder how we have evolved over time. For some reason, exams have suddenly become more important than ‘life’.

What I don’t understand is, ‘What is the point of taking or even clearing those exams when the end result could be a lot of dead bodies’?

I wonder who are those students and parents who want the government to conduct NEET and JEE exams as scheduled.

Learning is good. It’s great that people want to attain more knowledge. But at what expense?

It only looks cool if you are going over the bar for something that will make you stand out at the end.

Around 2.5 million students will be taking those tests. Most certainly, all of them won’t end up at better Universities. And hardly any of them will end up being great at their jobs.

I agree we need engineers and doctors. But what is the point if even a quarter of those end up testing positive for Covid-19?

It’s not like Indian Colleges and Universities are producing a Nikola Tesla or Joseph Bell everyday. And not everyone can be that good no matter what!

Exams shouldn’t be more important than life.

I mean, it’s not like I care. But still! If you want to just make more people suffer and eventually die, I am sure there are better ways.

P.S. It’s fascinating to know how people can be even more stupid just when you think, “they can’t do any worse than this”!

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  1. I totally agree with you. This news was such a big disappointment. Even Indian organisations have been calling people back to work just because they don’t believe in the concept of work from home. My organisation feels that working from home is equivalent to merely sitting at home. I really don’t understand the mindset of such people who are willing to risk countless people’s life to fulfill their dumb agenda.

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      • Sadly this Govt’s idea of sab ke saath, sab ka vikas has a disclaimer…. They decide the meaning of “sab”.

        I mean … Demonitization… So what if some people die, CAA/NRC, what if some people are left stateless… Mostly minorities, Complete lockdown without forethought …. So what the poor die of hunger… NEET/JEE… So what a few students die. 🙄. Imo, even one life lost bc of this stupidity is one life too many.


      • I don’t really care for the lives lost. The only thing that bugs me is, it doesn’t matter to them when they do it, but when someone wants to conduct an experiment that may or may not put a few people’s lives at risk, they go bananas!


      • Well, I do actually care about lives lost. It infuriates me when lives of certain sections of society are deemed not worth saving or not worth caring for.


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