Go Away

It’s been years since we first met. In these years, I have grown beyond what I ever imagined. I have learnt a million lessons, won a hundred battles and lost all the wars. I have grown apart from everyone I once knew; I have left behind everything that once was a part of my life. I have met people; liked a few; but no one ever came close to even the idea of you.

You are the ‘Normality’ in my life. You are the constant like day and night. You are the one that stabilizes everything around. You are the reason why I still exist.

But I don’t want you stay. I don’t want to see you suffer each day. I don’t like watching you cry and break inside every time I don’t act the way I should. I don’t want you to just be with me because I might break-down or cease to exist.

I have my issues. I am not perfect for you. I am not what you deserve.

I don’t like change. You are all I have. I don’t want you to go away but I have to let you go.

You changed me in ways beyond comprehension. You made me vulnerable and gullible.

I don’t like that. I don’t want to have any vulnerabilities; any weaknesses.

You should leave. It will be in the best interest of everyone.

I don’t want to be ‘Normal’ because I am NOT!

P.S. I would never want you to, but I believe that you should ‘Go Away’!

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  1. You describe us all in your article at one time or another. We all must make changes before we can make any kind of improvements. How much easier to ignore what is happening around us. However, sometimes it is easier to do nothing and be a lazy bump on the log. But the reward is worthless. No good. Might as well go away.

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