Being Positive

Positive mental attitude is the philosophy that having an optimistic disposition in every situation in one’s life attracts positive changes and increases achievement.

It is often believed that if one continues to be positive even in the times of adversity, things will ultimately change for the better and one will end up having a happier life.

Just like people are doing these days.

People believe that if they keep an optimistic outlook towards life and the pandemic, somehow, the vurus won’t affect them, or even if it does, they won’t succumb to the infection.

I have witnessed quite a few people living their life with an attitude, ‘So what even if we get infected’!

Well, there are a lot of consequences of actually being infected. One of them being Death!

And going through your day-to-day life thinking that you won’t be infected if you believe so, that is the definition of stupidity.

Positive mental attitude doesn’t help fight diseases. It might help you get through them; but it wont keep the infection at bay.

The Novel Coronavirus won’t look at you and say, “Oh! He looks happy. He shouldn’t be infected”.

No! That ain’t happening.

Being Optimistic and having a Positive Attitude towards life is one thing. Being naive and stupid is a whole different ball game.

For example; Diane Berberian, the woman known as the ‘Most Positive Person in The World‘ has Macular degeneration.

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