The Dream-Fear Paradox

Many people don’t even try to live their dreams because they get too busy living their fears!

But the things aren’t the same for me.

I live my dreams as well as my fears.

Or rather, let me put it in much more simpler terms:

” I live my dream and my fear simultaneously’.

My only dream is to end up with you. And that is also my only fear.

I dream of a life we’ll have together. Every single day, I spend hours or maybe, even decades, wondering and pondering over the possibilities and probabilities of us being together and having a life one can only imagine. And while I am lost in this dreamy sequence, I get scared. I fear the same possibilities I dream.

I am afraid of what it will be like if things turn out to be exactly as I imagine. Having all my dreams come true is the only thing that scares me to death.

But as I go through that stage of terrible fright each day, I keep dreaming of a life that I will have with you; sitting somewhere away from the entire world; a place that is so calm and beautiful; a place that will be filled with love and serenity when you’ll finally be there with me.

And then I fear how will I ever be able to make you happy as much as you deserve and give you a life that I always want you to have!

I dream of a life that will be spent in your warm and cozy arms; and I fear the life that will be spent in your arms while I will never be able to be what you experience and imagine in your dreams.

I live my dream every single day and I live my fear concomitantly.

P.S. I live a life of fear inside a dream.

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