Now It’s Humidity

The rate of spreading of Covid-19 carrying particles depends on temperature, pressure, humidity, and various other environmental factors.

And taking into consideration, a particle as small as <5μm in diameter, will only be able to stay in the air a little more than it would in a colder weather.

Although, with the air getting drier in winters, there is always a chance of aerosols getting smaller and more penetrable. Smaller the aerosols, longer they can stay in air. But given that the air is cooler, they will also tend to descend at a comparatively faster rate.

So, even though dry air could lead to an increase in infections, it certainly won’t be more than if it is more humid.

These are few lines from my paper that I published on 11th May, 2020.

You can find the entire paper here: Covid-19

Coronavirus droplets could stay longer on surfaces in humid climates, finds study

Mask Up: Scientists Warn of Other Ways Coronavirus Can Spread

New studies show that COVID-19 can spread in previously unknown ways.

Again, I am not saying people are stupid. I am also not saying that they are imbeciles and incompetent.

I am just saying that they are… how do I say this?

“Terribly slow functioning Morons”.

It is kind of weird how someone wrote about those “Previously Unknown Ways of Covid-19 Spread” over 3 months ago.

Unless… that someone traveled through time!

Or maybe, studied and was more interested in understanding and finding new possibilities instead of spending that crucial time blaming it all on China.

You decide which is more plausible.

P.S. Unknown Ways of the Universe!

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