Wombs of Degraded Women

Bhagwad Gita : 9-32

Ma hi partha vyapasritya ye ‘pi syuh papa-yonoyah
striyo vasiyas tatha sudras te ‘pi yanti param gatim


O Arjuna, even those who may be born from the wombs of degraded women, merchants and menials; if they take full shelter of Me, they will also reach the supreme goal.

That is quite an inciting verse.

And people thought that men in today’s world judge women and insult them.

No. Not at all. God No.

Men who abuse women, judge women, divide people on the basis of caste are just doing what the “so-called” Supreme asked them to do.

If the Supreme himself can characterize people and discard or sideline those born from the wombs of “degraded women”, “merchants” and “MENIALS”, so can his ‘DISCIPLES’.

I don’t see anything wrong in that.

What kind of god would want everyone to be treated equally, given that we are all his children and stuff.

That would be ridiculous.

But what’s even more ridiculous is, how did 1 God happen to have billions of children, all of different religions, and further divided into different castes, some of which can’t even enter the temples of their creator, their father!

We’ll discuss that later.

What we should take from this is that, according to Bhagwad Gita, the wombs of merchants, menials and degraded women aren’t worthy enough.

And yes, there are some women who are “DEGRADED”!

P.S. The Most Confidential Knowledge.

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  1. I would say…whoever told you or interpreted the shloka don’t know anything about sanskrit. Whoever translated it for you don’t know a word of sanskrit And I will request you kindly proof read this one( which can only be done if anyone has read sanskrit) before publishing it on the site where you have thousands of people reading you.
    This is not sharing, this is misinformation. Being a wonderful writer is your quality keep it up by rectifying this piece please, for your convenience I have translated it being a Sanskrit student.

    As per Bhagvad Gita this shloka translates as Hey Arjun! Ladies ( stree), Vaishyas ( people who do business ( vyapaar), Shudras ( means who work under someone rich), paapyoni ( devil’s born in hell), whoever it is comes to me, they all get my divine light ( param gati) always, whoever it is.
    It’s not about religion, god or anything it’s about sharing knowledge which is pure and right not assumed.

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    • I do know the actual translation. What was needed to be made clear was ‘Bhagwad Gita’ considered some women degraded and lower than others.
      If you read it till the end, that is the whole point of it.


      • Actually then I am surprised, because I have read bhagvad geeta twice . And if you want,I can paste the image too of the same shloka with meaning underneath. Bhagvad geeta never considered anyone degraded, it’s that certain people who translated the shlokas of bhagvad geeta added their own belief system or just manipulated the whole meaning but if you translate it word by word then only one can guess it right.

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  2. You are an amazing writer, have written absolutely marvelous articles, I was little confused when I came across this one, might be someone has wrongly translated it. So just to avoid any confusion I provided and translated it correctly so that people should understand what actually the shloka means.đź‘Ť

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  3. Mam-of me; hi- certainly;partha- o son of prtha. (Arjun); vyapasritya- particularly taking shelter; ye- those who; api- also ; syuh- are ; papa-yonah- born in sinful family ; striyah- women ; vaishyas- mercantile people ; tatha- also ; sudrah- people live in mode of ignorance ( are called Shudras not what society defined if as per their convenience); te api- even they; yanti- go ; param- to the supreme ; gatim- destination.

    This is word by word. Please enlighten me if any word has that meaning.

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    • Read Chapter 18, Verse 44.
      Bhagvad Gita defines how people of certain community are to act and what they should do being born of their own nature.


      • First question can you find the word interpreted by you?
        Second question ..What this has to do with chapter -18 shloka 44, that is different explanation of different shloka. I think there is something gross wrong with the interpretation you see and I understand.

        But still here it is word by word. ( These are not classes of society Shudras are those provide service to others it doesn’t mean anyone is higher or lower, it’s about what he chooses to do become a philosopher, warrior, businessman, or provide service in any form he or she chooses (to others) Varna pratha is created by certain pseudo intellectuals to divide the society by modifying the scriptures meanings, these four classes are human nature and eventually it might be shocking for you not for me that a single person can have all this four classes within him or her, but at times and as per need one of the nature becomes the dominant which identifies him or her. )
        krisi- plowing; go- cows ; raksya- protection; Vanijyam- trade; vaisya- of a vaisya ( businessman); karma- duty ; svbhava-jam- born of his own nature, ; paricarya- service; atmakam- consisting of; karma- duty; sudrasya- of the Sudras; api- also; svabhava-jam- born of his own nature

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      • What this has to do with Chapter 18? Do you read every single chapter of a book differently?
        You write, say 30 pages. Do you want the person to believe that every page is a completely independent entity and has nothing to do with other pages?
        And if there is no lower or higher class, why is it that there are Brahmins and there are “Untouchables”?


  4. Who created higher and lower class ?
    Who created untouchables and Brahmins?
    Do you know the meaning of brahmin?
    Let me please, as said earlier it is created by pseudo intellectuals people half read and with half understanding, who were clever enough to modify the meaning of certain scriptures.
    Untouchables I haven’t seen and behaved with anyone that way since childhood to till now as education has different meaning for me. Brahmins are basically people who are interested in mode of acquiring knowledge may it be astrology, astronomy, science, calculations, anything. Those who considered Brahmins ( I don’t know about the castes and surnames goes with them) are people who have knowledge of highest order, who are well read, broad-minded, truthful close to absolute truth.
    Rest all is work of pseudos, so it depends actually upon the individuals what they want to read, dig, understand and believe rather than just believe anything anyone wrote as per convenience and personal profits. So good luck with it. And yeah I read every chapter of a book differently as they are different, you need to open and clean your mind completely before reading & understanding anything. Pre- set mindset is doesn’t work for me. And when you say about Bhagvad Gita every chapter is different as it is not any storybook or novel, it’s an ideology considered to be holy by people.

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    • Not personal. Logical and reasonable.
      I understand how that might appear personal to you.
      Intelligence is always scarce.
      Stupidity is found in abundance.


      • There is nothing about intelligence and stupidity, it’s how one perceives things differently, we are different people with different genes, just belonging to same species won’t solve anything for us.
        So you keep your idea of understanding things and I will keep mine, because we always choose what works comfortably for us.

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