The Pothole In Space

Is the weakening Electromagnetic Force just a sign that it might be about to reverse, swapping its North and South poles or is it, theoretically, String Theory staring at us?

Electromagnetic force is the second strongest of all the known Fundamental Forces. 1043 times stronger than Gravity.

Electromagnetic forces are responsible for holding atoms together in solids and liquids, creating friction forces that allow you to walk across the room, producing light and radio waves, generating electricity, and so much more! Electromagnetic forces are responsible for making a bulb give off light.

Earth’s magnetic field acts like a protective shield around the planet, repelling and trapping charged particles from the sun.

The electromagnetic field over the South Atlantic Ocean has weakened by quite a number.

Approximately 640 km above the ground begin the Van Allen radiation belts, which are concentric belts of magnetic lines that capture and hold charged particles from the Sun and cosmic rays. These belts extend up to 58,000 km, and are mainly divided into the inner and outer belts. Other transient belts are also formed from time to time, but do not persist.

In the South Atlantic Anomaly (SAA) region, the innermost Van Allen belt has been observed to drop down to 200 km from the surface, bringing with it charged particles that penetrate the atmosphere.

According to the rules of String Theory and all the knowledge we have obtained concerning the Blackholes, Gravity, in its pure form, is infinitely stronger than it appears to us.

For example, light, an electromagnetic radiation, an object that has the fastest known speed, cannot escape a Blackhole’s Gravity.

String theory posits a Universe with 11 dimensions. According to String Theory, when the Universe came into existence, Gravity was the only force that oozed out into other dimensions, thus rendering the Universe to be what it is today.

Now, if we go forward on that line of thought and make a preposterous assumption that the same thing might be happening to EMF; that would be scary.

But stupid too!

Given the age of our Universe, it is kind of absurd to think that it might happen now.

Now, given that most of the satellites pass over this region, it has created quite a bit of chaos.

This anomaly can knock out onboard computers and interfere with the data collection of satellites that pass through it.

And now that it has started to split and expand westwards, that increases the risks and uncertainty even more.

Currently, it has no visible impact on daily life on the planet though.

Geophysicists, Heliophysicists and geomagnetic scientists are observing and monitoring the anomaly.

It’s not really my area of interest. But if it is oozing out into the other dimensions, it would be way much cooler and hell of a lot more interesting than just a bunch of satellites not functioning.

P.S. Or maybe God is taking some of it. He probably needs to create another Earth-like planet, I suppose.

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