So Much For The Recovery

India’s recovery rate is sky-rocketing. India records anywhere between 50-70 thousand new cases each day and accounts for almost 40-50 thousand daily recoveries.

That is good. Isn’t it?


Amit Shah Admitted To AIIMS For “Post Covid Care”

“Amit Shah has been complaining of fatigue and body aches for last three-four days. He has tested negative for COVID-19. He has been admitted to AIIMS for Covid care. He is comfortable and is continuing his work from hospital,”

AIIMS media and protocol division chairperson Dr Aarti Vij said in the statement.

In India, you only get post Covid care if you are NOT a common man!

Or we can also put it in this way, that you only have post Covid symptoms if you are a minister, celebrity, etc.

Everyone else recovers just right from Covid and has no chance of suffering from post Covid symptoms like fatigue, body-aches, decreased lung function, Lung Fibrosis, heart problems, memory loss, etc.

That is a good thing.

Otherwise, if everyone were to have that stupid post covid symptom thingy, it would get crazy.

I think you can thank god for… whatever this is. Maybe! I don’t know.

But I do know that India’s recovery rate is a sham.

Not an intentional one. It’s just that they are incapable of knowing what they are doing and what is happening.

P.S. Welcome to the “Beginning of The End“.

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