Ability To Use 100% of Your Brain

It is believed by some low functioning average intellect people that we use only 10% of our brains.

I don’t know why, who or what made them come to this utterly ‘oronic’ conclusion, but it did lead to an exponential increase in the number of ‘genius orons’.

Now everyone is running around the world, shouting out loud how they are a genius but are just constrained by the ability to use just 10% of their brain.

If that barrier were to be removed, all of them would somehow turn into Nikola Tesla, Terence Tao, Marilyn Vos Savant, etc.

I like how everyone is so innocent.

It’s really hard to break it to all those potential Albert Einsteins out there, “You are currently using 100% of your brain”.

If it were to go off by a single percentile, you might lose some particular function of your body.

Say, what if your brain stopped controlling your blood pressure, or temperature, heart rate, hearing, emotions, etc? What would you do?

If you still think that you are only using 10% of your brain, I’d be happy to open it up and hit you with electrical impluses. But I am not so sure if you will be any more intelligent than you are.

For that, you’ll have to build a time machine, go back into the past, and tell your younger self to not believe in that kind of ‘oronic’ theories and start studying.

And if you still have problems believing all of this, you can go and get a brain scan.

Brain scans will show you activity coursing through the entire region of your brain, even while you are resting.

All in all, you are using 100% of your brain. It’s just not enough. You probably spent too much time believing in conspiracies and oronic theories instead of actually doing something to train and teach your brain to be more efficient.

P.S. If there is a “10% brain Organization”, I think one of you should come forward and let the actual Doctors and Scientists work on this ‘copletely oronic’ hypotheses of yours.

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  1. I think there’s a misconception that people generally have when they’re told a certain percentage of our brain is used for intellectual functioning. They don’t realize or understand or care to delve deeper into the topic to find out that the rest of the brain is working to take care of a multitude of other functions like motor function, sensory function, hearing, vision, speech, etc etc.

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    • That is a scary problem.
      Because if we let such people roam around freely in the world, they might want to challenge the actual geniuses.

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  2. Unfortunately, they already do challenge actual geniuses and scientists and scientific data. Even more unfortunate is that a majority of people actually trust such people instead of scientific evidence. There’s a saying by William Shakespear…. “A fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool.” As in, a wise man knows he doesn’t know everything and will therefore study/research etc. Of course you know what that means.

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      • I really am so always so flabbergasted when Doctors give advice such as that. The problem lies in the Indian education system. People who don’t exactly believe in science enter medicine and engineering simply because they consider them lucrative, and consider them to provide with stable employment. They just by-heart everything for the sake of exams and without really understanding or really believing in anything they study. It’s unfortunate that our system is so screwed up.

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      • That is so true.
        It’s kind of weird to come across someone who shares the same viewpoint.
        Indian education system is mucked up.
        And the Indian Population… well, they have been so for ages now.
        Afraid of the reality.

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  3. That’s good to know, man. I’m using all my brain. Doesn’t feel like it sometimes, but if that’s true, that’s pretty cool.

    Do you have any studies to back this?

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  4. People really need this post!
    There’s this movie called Lucy that’s based on this myth-she smuggles drugs in her body and more and more of her brain starts getting used as she unlocks certain “superpowers” and at 100% she dies…
    Complete myth
    So epic post.


  5. I think the statement has its origins in the fact that most people “specialize”, and so, develop certain mental faculties more than the others, hence making less use of their “potential”.
    I agree with you. If you compare your brain to a microprocessor, it’s easy to see that one doesn’t need to be gaming all the time to heat up the chip.

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