Aristotelian Physics

Key concepts of Aristotelian physics include the structuring of the cosmos into concentric spheres, with the Earth at the centre and celestial spheres around it.

The terrestrial sphere was made of four elements, namely earth, air, fire, and water, subject to change and decay. The celestial spheres were made of a fifth element, an unchangeable aether.

Objects made of these elements have natural motions: those of earth and water tend to fall; those of air and fire, to rise.

The speed of such motion depends on their weights and the density of the medium. Aristotle argued that a vacuum could not exist as speeds would become infinite.

He thought Earth was the center of the universe and that the Sun, Moon, planets, and all the fixed stars revolved around it.

So, this is what Aristotle believed in the period around 350 BCE.

Before that, people simply existed for no reason at all. Except for Thales of Milletus, Socrates and a few others.

But, had they not questioned the workings of nature and Universe, world wouldn’t have known the secrets they revealed and the laws and theories they introduced.

Also, had Galileo not questioned Aristotle’s view, we wouldn’t have been able to understand the actual workings of the Universe as we know them to be today.

Science is all about finding the hidden secrets.

Had all of them just sat back in their chairs stating, “Some things are beyond our understanding and should just be left to God”, we would still be busting ghosts and hailing miracles.

As I think about it, some of us still do.

I don’t really understand the stupidity of ordinary humans.

Maybe, someday when all the imbeciles are ready to accept the ways of science and its importance, I’ll stop and consider the existence of god too.

Until then, “May the force be with you”!

P.S. Godspeed!

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  1. I too question what ya think about but ya know what? Science is a great way of keeping up with ya self and your views on ya existence within the concentric circles and squares Believers of an ethereal matter of course and physical structures in the other. All things consist of matter. Grey matter is the repository of ya self esteem and ya view of self. Ya God is ya to know and believe. Ya don’t want to believe in ya ya God? Okay by ya doing today the best thing you can do! Pray for rain; science is fair and fun but ya religious beliefs are ya own beliefs so ya good with ya!


  2. Lol. Even for those who believe God definitely exists (I’m an Agnostic Atheist), I find it amazing that they never stop to think why He has given them brains. Like, surely if he exists and he’s given them brains, it’s meant to be used and not just to sit and rust, and to blindly follow? When I meet people who’re extremely religious/conservative/religious, I always put forward this argument. Never seems to work though. 😬.

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    • That is beauty of believing in God and following religions. Doesn’t matter how hard you try to reason with them;
      No amount of logical arguments can ever buy you a chance to justify your point.

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