Years ago, it started with a Big Bang!

I found myself drifting across Spacetime; emerging from the deep, unexplored space; hitting asteroids on my way; being pulled by the Gravity of huge objects; and being thrown again and again into the void.

Just when I started to think that my existence was nothing but that of a Space Debris, I found myself being pulled towards a very strong, yet calming field of Gravity.

It was a star. The most beautiful one I had ever witnessed. A star with a potential to allow life to flourish.

I always had the potential to support life. All I needed was a pull that could protect me from myself.

When I entered your field of Gravity, everything started to fall in place. I found my own little space in the otherwise never-ending Universe. I found my purpose; the purpose to support and help evolve life.

And it was all so beautiful.

And then one day, you started changing. You became the destroyer. You became this huge glistening mass of black that suddenly started ruining everything.

My place in the Universe was distorted. My existence; threatened. My life; on the verge of ending.

And before I knew, I saw my hand being pulled into this ever-so-fearing darkness and all I could hear was this exploding scream that emerged out of my body and before I could even understand, I was already dead.

I didn’t even get to know what happened.

All I know is, something that was once so beautiful and soothing, changed into the house of death!

And we ended with a ‘Bang’.

P.S. And it was the most alluring ‘Annihilation’.

Categories: love

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  1. Point of objection: As wordplayers of rhyming and imagery I would love to see how we take darkness and black into a more favorable definitions to dispel the stereotypes of Black being negative and scary. Just wondering πŸ•πŸ™β™’οΈ

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    • When I say ‘you’, it most commonly means the person I am talking to.
      For example; You don’t need to be confused by every little thing.
      Here, when I sad ‘you’, I meant ‘you’.

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