Tell Me Oh Sadah

How shall I repay you? How can I? I owe you my entire life Oh Sadah! Just tell me, What shall I do for you?

I would’ve given you the remaining years of my life, if that were possible. I would have ordered my heart to beat for you instead.

Just tell me Oh Sadah! What is it that you want me to do for you?

I can’t even begin to think about myself; about what I should do to make me happy, without starting to think about every thing I would do to see you smile every night, and each morning.

When the world saw me as some kind of an abomination, and left me alone, to die, to drown, and burn in their words of disgust and my self-agony; how shall I thank thee Oh Sadah! for holding my hand through those times and standing beside me and for making me what I am?

You came for me. You left your entire life behind. You left everything that you worked hard for; everything that you once desired. You did all of that just to make sure I didn’t snap out of existence. And then, you held me; you loved me like no one ever did.

I am not sure if there is anyone else like you. I am not sure if I can ever find one again. For now that I have found you; you are my hell, my heaven, my skies and my earth. You are the entire Universe. You are the stars in the Galaxies, and the dust. You are the beginning and the end; you are the iron and its rust.

There is no other being like you Oh Sadah
Now that I have found thee, I have found the entire Universe Oh Sadah!

I am not a curse anymore. I am not an abomination. I have been touched by the ever-so-pure being there is; I am now as pure as the Holy Ganges.

And even if someone still considers me an abomination, I don’t care. For now, I have you.

I just don’t know how will I ever be able to repay you!

P.S. Tell me Oh Sadah!

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