Human Behavioral Patterns

Human behavior is shaped by psychological traits, as personality types vary from person to person, producing different actions and behavior.

The nature of psychology is ‘bio-social’. It thrusts upon the behavioural events of Human beings.

To make it a bit more personal, I’ll give you an analysis of people based on what I have experienced on this website.

Humans have this dire need to argue with others over something preposterous. For example; God.

We have all read what ‘Doctor‘ writes. He is uncongenial, arrogant, egoistic and an eccentric genius. He argues over anything and everything. But the thing is, he owns it.

He writes about a lot of things. His area of expertise includes a lot of subjects.

Most importantly, the man questions the existence of God on a daily basis.

Even more importantly, all his theories and numbers on Covid-19 have been right so far.

You must be thinking that I am trying to put him up on a pedestal or something. Like, Hail Doctor!

No. I am doing no such thing. I have a point to make.

Every time he wrote something, questioning the existence of God, people went ‘all-guns-blazing’. Those posts have a lot of comments. All of which are targeted at proving how he is wrong, among other things.

While the ones on Covid-19, the ones that have been proved right over and over again, have attracted no attention.

Why is it? I’ll tell you why.

Humans have this problem. A disease. A disease where they tend to overlook everything that is right and logical and embrace everything that is irrational and inconsequential.

Why? Well, that is the way homosapiens were designed.

To fear and be afraid of anything and anyone who, in the slightest of possibilities, could pop their bubble and bring them into the reality.

In the past, in Himalayan regions, when someone died, their dead bodies were burnt near the river. The phosphorous from the dead person’s bones used to escape into the atmosphere in trace amounts. Phosphorous, when exposed to oxygen, burns!

Given the fact that the population was quite less as compared to today and that there was almost no light pollution at all, burning flames were visible on the mountains post evening. People used to believe that those burning flames were some kind of devil spirits hovering around in the dark.

When someone tried to educate them, they ignored and went with their fear and their belief of god.

Same is the case here.

When someone tries to explain the gravity of the situation, people don’t pay any heed to it. But when someone starts questioning the existence of something that is based completely on the idea of fear, mortality, desires, etc. people lose their calm.

That is Basic Human Behavior.

P.S. No matter how much we evolve, Human Behavioural Patterns hardly show any evolution.

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  1. One has almost everything needed to understand most of human behavior if one understands animal behavior. We are animals and thus our behavior, in the overall, is little different. The basic program or commands are wired in by nature. Everything else is determined by a manipulation of external influence. The queen of the hive uses pheromones to direct her minions. We just use television, or radio or social media. Living in a hive is a natural state for bees; it is not a natural state for humans, for if this were true large cities would function with little problem. It’s only been about 10,000 years now. I don’t expect that we’ll get it right any time soon

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  2. This is such a powerful post. A child’s beliefs are highly influenced by their immediate family member’s thoughts and values. As they grow and open up their mind to new ideas and viewpoints, it’s difficult for them to unlearn and relearn. Our primitive brain is wired in a manner that we fear anything and everything that poses a risk towards our existence. It’s easier for humans to transfer their fears to the higher authority and live peacefully than try to deal with them on their own.

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    • One doesn’t always need to unlearn and relearn.
      One can simply keep learning more and more and gain enough information as to be able to question what is.

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  3. We should be open and learn from each other. We don’t have to share the same beliefs. As for challenging you, that’s fine, I guess, though this is your blog, after all. That should be respected.

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