I know you think that I am a well-sorted person. You believe that I can handle and get through anything and everything.

I appear to be calm and stable. But, do you really know who I am?

I am not a planet in a solar system. I am not a star either. I am not a moon, or an asteroid; I am not even the Dark Energy.

I am a “Blackhole”!

Calm as lake on the outside. Disruptive, chaotic and with a potential to destroy the entire universe on the inside.

I am the single point in the Universe where all the dimensions merge into one. A point, where all the energy from across the Universe and those dimensions, gets accumulated in one small area of infinite density.

You ask me about the people, the feelings; you ask me where they are. You ask me to let them free.

But, I can’t. I am the singularity in this insanely expanding Universe.

Even ‘Light’ is my prisoner.

I want to come out of it. I want to let it all go. I don’t want to be in this chaotic place anymore.

The only thing that can get me out, is something that travels faster than light.

The only theoretical particle we know that is supposed to have that property, is Tachyon.

I need you to be my Tachyon.

I need you to storm into this singularity, take my hand, and get me the hell out of here.

I am tired of all the chaos and destruction. Though, not really. I like it.

But I need you more than I want this!

I need peace and calm and serenity. And you are the only person with all those attributes.

P.S. I am the ‘Chaos’ and you are the ‘Quiet’ INSIDE!

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  1. Dear Sadah Kaahsh,

    I don’t know science.

    But I came across this spiritual aspect of black holes and thought I should share it with you :
    All cosmic activity whether black holes and nebulae, serve as a constant reminder of the ultimate truth, about the reality of nature, in our tradition, the infinite field we refer to as the “Brahman”.

    I want to insist that if one compares herself with blackhole , she should realise that she is a part of “Brahman” who is eternal, conscious, irreducible, infinite, omnipresent, and the spiritual core of the universe.

    Stay Blessed!

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  2. Well, I hope science make a progress where we have a theroy to come out of black hole on our own.
    But for now you have to let your tachyon know that you are there and you want to come out.. Right ?
    Things sometime may look impossible but there is a way that one need to find out. Find that way.

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