I Have A Question

Mr. Harsh Vardhan, Minister of Health and Family Welfare, I have a question for you. Well, a few questions for that matter.

The most important of which are:

Now that the Rate of Doubling of Covid-19 cases in India has gone down from ‘3-4′ days before the first lockdown to ’30-34’ days, is the spread of infection in India decreasing rapidly?

Is it safe to say that the ‘Potent Social Vaccine‘ worked?

Is India, as a country, recovering from the Pandemic? Or is there no such thing as a Pandemic, like Dr. Tarun Kothari has suggested?

I have questions. I wish you were capable enough to answer them.

People are still in their own respective bubbles. Does someone care to bring them out into the reality?

Mind accepting the fact that all the Governments, with State-of-the-Art equipments and all the information from across the globe at their disposal, somehow, still managed to be absolutely wrong?

I mean, how does one even achieve that?

But the man isn’t ready to accept anything. Now that the “Rate of Growth’ scam isn’t working, ‘Rate of Death’ scam has been put into motion;

“Yet we have been able to keep the number of deaths due to Covid-19 well below as compared to other countries,” he stated.

The entire “Ignorance is Bliss” plan doesn’t really seem to be working.

A wise man once said: “It’s important to know when to throw out the plan.”

P.S. You might have noticed that I addressed the Minister as ‘Mr.’ instead of ‘Dr.’! Well, I have reasons.

I am not saying that I was right. Or maybe, I am. Because clearly, I was!

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4 replies

  1. It’s really pathetic that when number is increasing by 65K every day, there is no word either from PM or Health Minister, that too when their Home Minister is also down with virus.

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  2. We have to come to a conclusion that ,
    1. Either they don’t know how to plan strategically to control the epidemic
    2. Or they don’t really care to control the epidemic. It’s not in their agenda .


    • I gave both those conclusions months ago.
      I concluded that they have no idea about what’s happening when I calculated every number right, down to the last digit, while sitting in a room, and they couldn’t do that in spite of having every thing they needed.
      I concluded that they don’t care about anything time and again in various different ways.

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