Changing The Future

Man seeks True Power!
Women Too! I am not a Misogynist.

Everyone does. Every single person on the face of this planet wants power!
Power to make a difference; Power to save lives; Power to create a better world; POWER to ‘CHANGE‘ the FUTURE!

Every day you will meet someone who is ‘all guns blazing’ at changing the future. A Tech-Billionaire, Scientist, Engineer, Fighter; each person wants to change the future in his or her own way.

But, tell me this:
How will you know if you changed the future or not?

I mean, is there a way that I am not aware of?

Everyone sets out to do one thing or another with one superior hope: Changing The Future!

Some want to change their future; some, their family’s future; and some want to change the future of the World as we know it.

But how?

You are trying to change something that hasn’t yet happened? So, given that it hasn’t happened, how can you change it?

Say, you are naked. You don’t have a single piece of thread on your body. You think about wearing a particular outfit. Then, you wear something else.

Did you change the future then? NO!

Maybe, you just did what was supposed to be done. Maybe, the clothes you wore after changing your mind were always the ones you were meant to wear. Ever thought about that?

No one here is ‘Changing the Future’.

It has already happened. We are just going the exact same way, doing the exact same things, just to finally reach the exact same place we have already reached in our future.

No one is changing anything.

We are just creating alternate realities. And all those realities will follow the same pattern.

The day someone is actually able to look into the future and then is able to change it too; maybe then we can talk.

Until then, make your choices wisely. And pay attention! You never know if the choice you made is your choice at all.

P.S. Freedom is a myth!

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