The Grandfather Paradox

The Grandfather Paradox is a potential logical problem that would arise if a person were to travel to the past.

The name comes from the idea that if a person travels to a time before their grandfather had children, and kills him, it would make their own birth impossible.

Let’s break it down!

So, ‘The Grandfather Paradox’ suggests that if you travel to the past and kill your ‘Grandfather’, you will never be born. Given that, it suggests that if you aren’t born in the first place, you would never be able to travel to past and kill your Grandfather. And the loop continues!

This is all just horse shit!

Even if you were able to pull it off, you won’t be travelling to the past in your timeline.
You never existed at that instance of time in your history.

When you travel to the past, you will be traveling to an alternate timeline. Given that it’s an alternate reality, whatever you do in there, it won’t affect your reality in any way whatsoever.

Another explanation is:

As Dr. Banner said, “If you travel to the past, that past becomes your future, and your former present becomes the past, which can’t now be changed by your new future.”

In general terms, if you travel back in time and change certain things, they won’t affect the reality you are currently living in.

All you’ll be able to do is, create a branch reality at most.

Time is a loop. An infinite, never-ending loop. No matter how hard you try to change things by traveling back in time, they will still unfold to be exactly how they have to be.

Time exists! Free from any and all the factors that might affect and change it.

There is practically nothing that you can do to change the way things are in your timeline.

Have questions? Ask away!

P.S. Time is an Illusion!

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  1. So the movie “Back to the Future” for example…

    For the movie to have actually happened or taken place (theoretically of course) it would be inconsistent and not make sense with in the same universe?… however if there are several parallel universes … Marty (the time traveler) would then NOT be within his own universe… but yet a completely different one he creates by the changes made?

    What if… you go back in time and make NO changes…

    If time travel to the past becomes possible… once you jump back in time – can you ever return to your current reality? Or would that be forever changed because you went back in time and that in itself would create alternate universe?


      • Because time has already happened and can not be changed. Your reality is the reality

        I think I understand? Vaguely lol … definitely thought provoking

        Thanks 😊


      • The future, past and present have all already happened in a certain way.
        All we do is make alternate realities.
        The same will be the case when we start traveling in time.

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      • We can experience an alternate reality as being our real reality.
        But we can’t watch us in an alternate reality.
        We can’t live in alternate realities because that would be like changing the whol code instead of just a line.

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      • I see, that can be confusing a little bit, because we can experience an alternate reality but not live in it. That’s where my disconnect is. lol … but I understand better now – thank you


  2. I feel we can change the future in our time but going back to the past we change another time. You see we weren’t born in that time!

    Paradox do I see!

    But me? Maybe, I’m Cra-zy!


  3. Thought provoking!! If time travel would be possible, then person after making changes in the past would actually create a parallel reality and never get back to what used to be his present. So, your present would be past and past would become present.


  4. That Means “Dark” Explained it Pretty well/….. I couldn’t Digest The Climax Of the Series untill now….. Thank You…. You r a Genius… Lookin Forward for more


  5. I am not sure if we can ever travel in time maybe if we run as fast as “The Flash”……… But m Pretty sure that we definitely be able to look at any point in the past by grabbing hold of “The Arrow of Time” @Doctor Kaahsh ….. n for the future well it has not happened yet unless u travel to a different reality….hee


    • The future has already happened.
      And you will follow the exact same pattern in your present to end up at the same place as you are in future right now.
      And running as fast as flash doesn’t help travelling through time.
      Flash can’t travel faster than light.
      That’s stupid.
      And you can’t look at any point in past by grabbing The Arrow of Time.


  6. The alternate universe makes sense, especially as a continuation of one’s own universe of existence. I figured if I go back in time, then I’m still me and continue to exist. Could I destroy my future? Maybe through actions in the past but not by winking myself out of existence through those actions. It could be when I return to what was my present there will be another me living out an affected life, because another universe will have been realized in the past to which I traveled.

    It seems to me the Grandfather Paradox doesn’t function unless time can only be one, irresolute path of time. In which case I doubt we could travel back and (or) forth.


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