A Glitch In The Matrix

Every moment is supposed to serve a purpose. One moment leads to another, and all of it, stitched together in a loop, forms our reality. Everything we do; every decision we make; every step we take; all of it takes us one step closer to what is supposed to be.

Years ago, we met. We got to know each other, bit by bit, word by word, one day at a time.

All those steps we took; all those words we exchanged; all the stories we narrated; all of that brought us to a point where things started to get complicated.

From friends, we turned into two people who needed each other. From there, I ended up at a point where I needed you more than anything and everything else.

I confessed; You declined.

I was adamant; You were stubborn.

I was wrong; So were you.

And after years of fighting; ignoring each other; leaving each other; our frequencies finally synced up.

We finally reached a point where both us wanted the same thing.

In all those years, I had never slipped. I had never been wrong. I had never done anything wrong.

And when we finally got the chance to be together… I messed it up.

Our time was right; our state was perfect; we were exactly where we were supposed to be. The only thing wrong about it was: we were there in our relatively present form!

Through all those years when I imagined and pictured us being there, I imagined the relatively former versions of ‘us’.

When it actually happened, we were changed. We weren’t exactly the same people I had lived that moment with.

And it blew!

And that was ‘ A Glitch In The Matrix’!

P.S. You and I are perfect for each other. But our relation will always be a ‘Gltich’.

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