The Legend of Dr. Tarun Kothari

First of all, I was going to publish something really intriguing and fascinating until I came across ‘Inhuman’ intellect of Dr. Tarun Kothari.

Then, before I break down the legend, to every doctor, even those who are still pursuing MBBS and happen to have a sane mind, I am truly sorry. What you’ll read next, will blow out your brains. There is a possibility, that results might be ‘Catastrophic’!

Dr. Tarun Kothari, MD

According to the ‘Legend of Dr. Tarun Kothari’, Covid-19 is just a common flu and people have unnecessarily made an issue out of it.

The legend suggests, all the Covid-19 figures from all across the globe are nothing but just a sham and states that it is NOT a Pandemic.

According to him, World Governments have just cooked up a story about a virus that is deadly and has no cure.

The legend also suggests, the death rate is less than .1%.
Out of 18,492,053 infection until now, 698,545 have died. Do the math!

The legend states that there is no need to wear any masks. In fact, the legend also mentioned how he, with his probable extra-terrestrial intellect, recommends everyone to NOT wear any mask.

The legend also boasts how he himself has never used a mask since the ‘FLU’ started affecting and “FALSELY’ killing people.

Legend boasts that he performs check-ups on various patients everyday and has never used any precaution.

It also states, out of all the deaths recorded; a significant amount have occurred due to the use of Masks and Sanitizers.
I have been continuously using Sanitizer for years now. Wonder why I didn’t die!

According to the legend, this is all a scam being run by the likes of WHO and Bill Gates to bring India to its knees and create such chaos and havoc that India is forced to accept their rule.

I have no idea ‘WHY’ or ‘Whose going to rule’; but this is what the legend suggests.

And he wraps it up by saying:

“I have been uploading videos on Facebook and Youtube. All the people who have been commenting on those videos have understood that it is a scam. If they can understand, in spite of the fact that they have no medical knowledge, why can the doctors and scientists not understand it.”

Honorary Legend, when you said, “in spite of the fact that they have no medical knowledge”, did you NOT understand the complexity, stupidity and idiosyncrasy of your own statement?

P.S. Things like these make me feel that we NEED an Extinction Level Event!

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  1. I am no expert and am not sure masks needed or not. But I have seen TV interviews and media videos of many American doctors too on how they have had 💯 percent success by standard allopathy treatments. And they are wondering why WHO and US authorities aren’t using and accepting these.

    Again I am not sure this is a pandemic or not and it doesn’t interest me. Decades ago I had found out that US Pharma industry and related health care system is the biggest mafia in the world and had turned into natural living.

    To each his own 😇

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  2. You write: “The legend also suggests, the death rate is less than .1%.
    Out of 18,492,053 infection until now, 698,545 have died. Do the math!”
    Well, I did the math. By those numbers, over 3% have died, not 0.1%.
    And of course, the numbers are all far, far higher now…


  3. One person manages to escape infection, or perhaps has accidental immunity, and that makes him able to proclaim the whole thing a hoax?

    If he did get infected, when he then run around screaming “We are all going to die!”?


  4. He is a fraud and fake person using the word Dr. Which is very hard to earn. Why dont the government not taking any short of legal action . As now he is having many fan followes in social media, and continiously making fòol to the people.


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