If Mass Curves Spacetime, How Does It Uncurve Again?

Final Part

How Does It Uncurve Again?

From Binary Pulsars, we learned that the Speed of Gravity must be between 2.993 * 108 and 3.003 * 108 meters per second.

We can confirm General Relativity and rule out Newton’s Gravity and many other alternatives.

But there isn’t a mechanism required to explain why space isn’t curved when mass was once there and now isn’t; General Relativity itself is the explanation.

A mass that accelerates through a changing Gravitational Field radiates energy away, and that radiated energy ripples through the fabric of space and is known as Gravitational Waves.

Without matter or energy present any longer, there’s nothing to maintain the Curvature of Space.

The return to its equilibrium, uncurved state, happens naturally, and simply results in Gravitational Radiation.

Gravitational Radiation is to gravity what light is to electromagnetism

P.S. That was a rather simple answer for which I wasted 8 days. But then again, it would have been useless to just tell you the answer. Just saying ‘General Relativity is the answer’ doesn’t help understand why!

Everyone knows the ‘One-Word’ answer. It is important to know the answer to ‘What’, ‘Why’ and ‘How’!

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  1. Thank you! I appreciate the detailed explanation. Energy caused by (radiating from) mass, creating waves followed by the unbending (uncurving) of spacetime makes sense because you took the time to lay the foundation and then build up the explanation.


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