It’s A Magical Place

All my life; every single day, every night; I spent wondering, if things will ever be normal for me.

I always thought and wished for something so beautiful that could help me finally give up everything else; every fight, every worry, and just be happy.

I lived on the edge. I woke up every morning with a million questions in my head and spent the entire day looking for answers. Some important; others completely unnecessary. Nevertheless, I did it because there was nothing else that helped me get through life.

I always longed for someone who could make me feel at peace. I always yearned for a place where I would not be seen as some kind of a freak; the odd one out.

And then, one day, I met you.

You held my hand and talked in that ever-so-soothing voice of yours. So serene and calm; the world no longer seemed to be harum-scarum place.

It was as if someone had applied a blue filter and calmed down all those vibrant hues that were hurting my eyes.

And then, you finally took me into your arms. Trust me when I say this; I had lived with my family in a home for a long, long time, but I had never actually felt at home before that moment.

It was as if you gave me a safe place to exist. A safe house!

You gave me everything I had been looking for.

It was ‘mystical’.

P.S. Having spent all this time in your arms, I can say; “It’s A Magical Place“.
More Magical than T.A.H.I.T.I itself.

Categories: love

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