Looks Like I Was Wrong. Again!

At the start of this month, I analyzed and made a few calculations as to what Covid-19 graphs will witness in the coming 31 days.

Much like the last month, and the month before, looks like, I was not quite on point.

According to my calculations, India should have recorded a maximum of 10,50,000 cases in the month of July. But then, my calculations seemed to be off, given my theory being wrong and me being an idiot and all. Surprisingly, India recorded 11,12,000 cases. 62,000 more than my calculations suggested.

Also, according to my calculations, I had expected the number of global cases to go up by 67-73%. And the total number went up from 10,573,730 – 17,752,708, which suggests a 68% increase.

I really wanted to be all sarcastic with the global percentage thing too, but there is just no room.

Then, I also did say something about the total number of active cases in India crossing 500,000 mark in the month of July.

On that front too, it seems like I under-calculated.

There’s no shame in being wrong.

Also, given that my entire theory is stupid and all (as some highly intellectual people have told me), I thought I should claim my errors before someone steals them.

World is a crazy place, filled with idiots like me.

You guys on the other hand, exceptional eccentric geniuses.

Had it not been for you, I never would have realized that God will take care of everything just like he always does.

P.S. Thank you!

And to those who were waiting for the next part of “If Mass Curves Spacetime, How Does It Uncurve Again” – Sorry, had to rub this in everyone’s face. July wasn’t gonna end again. Not differently at least.

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  1. Not “like” because of what’s happening, certainly, but “like” because you’re helping everyone face the actual numbers. Today I read about the governor of Ohio reversing what had been his directive to ban the malarial drug that does no good and hurts people. Then I read about the sizable protest in Berlin against masks and any safety measures against the virus in the name of “freedom.” Well, I guess dead is free.


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