Where It All Ends In A Steep

I have been running for years. I have been dragging myself; limping my way through; fighting my own thoughts, my actions, my words and my whole self.

I have been doing all of that just to, somehow reach that point where I could be a bit more something you would be able to relate to.

Someone who would be able to understand those cues, the underlying meaning of your words and especially, someone who would be what you always wanted.

I have tried a million times, I have lived a million lives, and none of that did me any good.

Never once did I reach a point where I could find myself closer to you than the day before. I just keep drifting away. I don’t know how! I have done everything I could. At least, everything I was capable of. Nothing ever helped!

It’s like…climbing the Mount Everest. We both started together, tied to the same rope, holding and preventing each other from falling into the oblivion.

And then, half way through, a strong gush of wind knocked us out; an avalanche buried us under our own debris; and we were no longer being protected.

Now, we are just two opposites.

It’s as if a large surge of Gravitational Waves emerging from the Gravitonium hit us in that moment and changed our experience of gravity altogether.

Now as you go up, I keep going down. We will never be able to go the same way.

That disaster created a pocket between you and me.
On one side, things are natural; the way they should be, and on the other side; it is a weird world.

All I want you to know is; you should keep moving. Keep climbing until you reach the top.

I will always be there. Just not with you.

P.S. We are in a place from where there is no going back. A place “Where It All Ends In A Steep”.

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