Magical Words

In your words

I have felt the worlds turn

In your eyes

I have seen the heavens unfurl

Oh Sadah! Even in a crowd of billions

You are the one for whom I yearn!

Your words are magical. They cast a spell on everyone who listens to you. But they have a different ever-lasting effect on me.

Every word you have ever said, ever sentence you put together, every letter, every phonetic; even the silence in between; I have felt it all. I have loved you more and more with each passing second.

I have yearned for you. I have waited all my life to be with someone like you. I have hoped, wished, prayed, asked, begged and cried for you.

You are the serenity of Himalayas, the eternity of heaven; you are the breath in me, you are my haven.

I wonder where I would have been if I hadn’t ever met you!

In those celestial eyes of yours, I have lived a hundred lives and died a hundred times. In those deep ocean like eyes, I have drowned willingly, over and over again, just so you could hold me close to you.

When you speak, it feels like the nightingale singing to Mozart’s composition.

You use the choicest of words in the most pleasant and appealing voice.

I can just sit and listen to you speak day in, day out, all through my life.

Your words make me feel alive.

Your eyes give me life.

Every breath I take, every beat in my heart, every impulse in my brain; I owe it all to you.

P.S. You are above and beyond everything else.

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  1. Love this! Especially the first part and the picture!! 😍😍😍

    Can I ask you something? What’s your relationship with the Doctor, because you seem to be running this blog together? Or are you one and the same person? πŸ˜‚


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