The Strange ‘What If’ About The Multiple Worlds

What if, we aren’t separated from other worlds as we think we are? What if, there isn’t just one possibility pertaining to the existence of Multiple Worlds?

We assume, according to the Multiverse theory that there are billions of Universes like ours; some younger, some older, floating across space-time, separated from each other in such a way that they can never entangle.
That is one possibility.

When we talk about Multiple Timelines, we theorize that every quantum decision we make in our lives, hammers a dent into the timeline; thus creating two new realities and so on and so forth.

This is another.

We have discussed these quite a lot and will continue to do so for a long time.

But there is this one more thing standing on the out-lines, waiting for us to pay a little attention towards it with a whole new perspective.

The Galaxies!

We consider them ‘Galaxies’. Galaxies just like ours. Galaxies that have their own millions and billions of stars, planets, solar systems and a lot more.

What if they aren’t just galaxies?

What if, they are those ‘Other Worlds‘ that we are so obsessed about?

What if Big Bang didn’t just throw this one single Universe into existence?

What if it threw multiple bangs at multiple places that traveled across space-time and stuck at various different points and started forming something like what our Universe is?

This isn’t a genuine theory. This is just an obsession of a stimulated brain of someone whose room has this portal that leads to whichever place he wants.

P.S. I suppose we need to jump into the triad. I will. You… don’t!

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  1. If there is a Multiverse, then the Big Bang might have certainly brought the universes, plural, into existence. Unless there were multiple Big Bangs, which maybe go on happening. Now my head is starting to hurt. Thank you for your engaging review of possibilities.


  2. I believe that!!! I believe there are other universes – with I am sure – other life!!

    If the conditions had been right in another universe or several… there absolutely is something else out there too – how could there not be?? That would be really exciting!!!

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  3. I like your divergent thinking but the idea of multiple universes and timelines is extremely intriguing. Have you checked on Black Mirror: Bandersnatch? It plays with the idea of the forking of multiple realities when you choose between two potential choices.and maybe that choice isn’t even in your own hands. Also your writing style is amazing.


  4. Quantum Entanglement is one other thing that really spooks scientists. I like the lucid language you have used in your articles, they are easy to read and comprehend. Bravo!


    • That is the point. I figured religion is infecting more people because some people are choosing to explain it in an easier way. I thought I’d try that with science and see if people start converting, or they are just the pathetic idiots I think they are.

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      • Well, its changing people’s beliefs is they most difficult thing to do is what i believe. But its heartening to see you making an effort and all the best for it. Love your blog especially the the science ones are exhilarating. Will continue to read.


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